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Creativity thread

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The purpose of this tread is to give the more creative users of ASF, professional or amateurs, a place to post their artistic works, be it freehand drawing, photography, music, clay modeling, cg art, film making, video editing or anything else in between.

I'll get the ball rolling with one of my hobbies, 3d modeling/rendering:

I may have some more on a different computer. Will post more as soon as i find them.
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I'm not much of an artist. I do a little bit of whittlin' every now and again though. Here's one I did a while back. i finished another one today of the exact same design.

001 by tjstivers, on Flickr
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LOL. Pvt 13. My desk is terrible with finals week and all. It will be cleaned up soon. The wooden thing is what I was referencing to. It's a wooden ball inside of a wooden cage that I carved out of a single piece of wood using a knife. Pretty fun way to kill an afternoon.
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