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The purpose of this tread is to give the more creative users of ASF, professional or amateurs, a place to post their artistic works, be it freehand drawing, photography, music, clay modeling, cg art, film making, video editing or anything else in between.

I'll get the ball rolling with one of my hobbies, 3d modeling/rendering:

I may have some more on a different computer. Will post more as soon as i find them.
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I have shot photoshoots with my airsoft guns as props. They are in other threads on this forum so I dont want to take up space by reposting them. I do video work and have done a little bit for 2 different airsoft companies. I do a decent job but neither give me credit sadly. Here's links to them.

This is for godfather airsoft. i directed, filmed and edited this. They gave me 0 credit for doing it and even marked my comment as spam ( i made the first comment on the video 'quinnstaley')

This was for a local airsoft company that had a 24 hour event. This is just a trailer for the whole video which is over 45 minutes. I shot this mid game and edited it.

I also do graphics, web, photo, and 3d. Too much stuff to put up though. I also did an animation of an xm8 (i know everyone hates those) but I dont have it online. If I dig up anything cool of mine i'll throw it up.
Inthetallgrass, I wish that was my job. If I could make money to do that I soooo would. I still have my senior year of college left. I'd hope to have this be part of my career someday but i'll always do it for side work and fun.
I enjoyed COD4 all the way until mw2 came out. mw2 was fun for about a year. Played black ops for less then a month and got bored with it. I skipped out on Vietnam one in there due to complete lack of interest. I really feel like I hate the treyarch games but enjoy the IW games. Not saying it's the best game ever made or its the best fps ever. Sorry the best fps ever was halo CE. BFBC2 was all around VERY fun. 2 things made me stop playing though. Lag sucked but i suppose every game has it's fair share. Hit detection was TERRIBLE. And I mean TERRIBLE. In the real wrold, if you open up fire on someone that is 10 feet in front of you, you could close your eyes and spray your gunfire everywhere and youd still hit them. In BFBC2 You may bot even get one hit. But this is really my only one big complaint about it that I tried to overlook. Sniping was awesome in that game though. Bullet ballistics made me happy. I want a-10 strikes instead of mortar strikes though lol. I think bf3 will steal me and never let go. I hope anyway.
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I dont care what anyone says, I enjoyed every halo game immensely (1,2,3,odst, and reach, even halo wars). I love the universe its in and the characters. Did I have some complaints about the games, yea. But doesn't mean it's not one of my favorite series. Ok im done with the off topic stuff now. :)
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