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Welcome to what we do best. Creeping.
This is just a discussion on what you do when you are crawling, and you crawl up on that patch of dead, crackly leaves in a target filled area.
What are your favorite areas to hide in?
Do you have any personal rules, such as stay away from certain type of spots, such as where grass meets dirt, and when you are laying there you could look "odd and not normal in nature" (Just a example)

Anything to do with creeping and stalking
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Personally, I try to around leaves just as they are so loud to deal with, and I have a hard time getting them not to crack (180, 6 3 sniper, i'm vicious.)
I like to get in areas where I can see all 360, but, I'm blocked by a small pine tree and a tree. Almost as if a block, but I can see around it.
I try to avoid leaves, and stick to dirt. Dirt is quiet, dirt is flat, dirt is anti stick zone.
I don't think it takes 180 pounds to crunch a leaf ;)

Just make sure that, when moving, not to rustle branches, because it makes the whole tree move, which is 10x worse than a 6' person moving. Also, don't worry so so much about crunching leaves. When your stalking, just know that the person is going to hear the leaves crunching under his feet, than then leaves crunching 100 feet away. However, don't crunch unnecessarily, obviously.

Bad spots include places with no cover and only flat ground, and behind fallen trees. Heads bobbing behind fallen trees are always the first place for me too look, and also, deservingly, has the name "tree cancer". Very easy to spot people there, ghilled or not.
Stings a little in my chest everytime I accidently walk over a hill or silhouetting my self

I also use the "Bubble" technique when stalking. Stop, listen, set boundaries for which there are safe to be, walk to the boundary, repeat.
Oh, And never, ever touch or let your ghillie get caught up in branches!
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time your movement. stalk when there is gun fire, wind, or rain that will distract the target or deflect the noise you make while moveing. stay low and block line of sight to the target, it doesnt matter how quiet you are if you are upright and moving.
2Echo said:
Oh, And never, ever touch or let your ghillie get caught up in branches!
Or fish netting. O golly, fish netting.
Don't be scared of the sounds you make, people won't hear them unless they are looking for you.

And like someone on this forum has in their sig: slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Watch where you place your steps, you don;t want to be tripping over something and find your target spraying bb's at you.
And NEVER EVER step on twigs and dead branches... Usually makes one hell of a crack, which EVERYONE will hear ;)
Honestly, don't be worried about sounds your feet make. A little rustling and cracking will only be heard if the enemy is very close... which they shouldn't be. Snapping branches is pretty loud, but it's hard to track one single loud snap.
It might be hard to track one single noise, but you still alert them to your presence. Which I think is even worse than stepping on a twig.
I have found that the human ear can only track sounds if they come in pairs. One single noise will not tell the opfor where you are. If they are alerted to your presence because of one twig, you should not be standing - you are too close. If you crawl over a twig, just cover it with your body, that will mask the sound.
I thought it was more like 1 sound for a general direction, then another for a spot on location. Kinda like military GPS... 1 broad signal, one fine tuned one.

That's smart though, covering the twig with your body... I'll remember that, and try not to move it out of the way/crunch it with my hands.
Not entirely. I do some training with my spotter, and with one step in a valley area, he is alerted to my presence, but has no idea where I am.

We play that I have to knife him with my hand - makes it interesting ;)
Making noise is not good. You and your enemy might be in the same area without knowing, and snapping a twig or dead branch will let your enemy know that you are there. I have had experience with this in several occasions, where I have located people ONLY because of a single breaking branch.
I find that rifles can give you away too >.<
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