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Crooked ACOG

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I was just shooting my M16 in my backyard when I realized the ACOG was lopsided. It was crafted alittle taller On the right side and iron sights are uneven also.

If you guys can see the picture clearly could you guys tell me if it's fixable.
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Is it crooked at the mount or is it crooked just looking through the scope and the iron sights. It may have just been the tube on one side got rotated and you could rotate it back.
I honestly think its both, because I just fixed the main tube but it is still leaning to the left a bit. I took it off to see if I mounted it wrong...its not, it is still slightly off though. It's not as bad as it was though. Being this is airsoft I think it's alright now. Thanks
Maybe take a file to the inside left of the mount and remove some metal so it can sit even. I've done it with rings when they couldn't get tight enough on the rail.
That's a great idea. Thanks man, I'll give it a try.
Haven't heard anything about this in a while. How'd it turn out?
Sometimes the groves made for the mount are uneven. I had to drill mine a bit more to make my scope sit even with the gun.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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