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Whats up guys.

My name is Jake. I live in Michigan. As far as Experience goes, to be honest, i really don't have much in airsoft. I have owned a few airsoft guns previously and had typical backyard firefights but nothing major. I know thats probably not what you want to hear out of a new comer wanna-be sniper but i figure i have to start somewhere. I will say that i have been hunting for as long as i can remember. I have a keen eye for slight movements even at pretty far distances, this developed from years of squirelle and small game hunting. And i have no problem with sitting in the same spot for a long duration of time, that comes from deer hunting. Also my dad is Ret. USMC so i've picked up many tips and tricks when it comes to shooting a weapon and basic military tactics. Its not much but its what i know.

I've come here as a student and my goal is to ultimately see if i have what it takes to become a successful sniper. I have poured over the many threads and tried to read as much to answer all my questions. But some are left unanswered and I'm sure that i will have more along the way, and i presume that some will be answered whilst in the midst of combat.

So thanks for having me and thanks for the help I'm sure i'll receive in the future. If there are any questions you'd like to ask me then feel free to ask.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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