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I am building a second one of these rifles right now as I built this for my first airsoft gun, but it's a Double Bell VSR-10 with various air fittings I bought and some parts I plan to make.
The whole rifle will cost less than $200 judging by the way things are going, and it will possibly have better performance than my BOLT setup with a value of like $900.
I think that you could get a good tank, line, and reg for $200, so that would be less than an SSG10.

I had to buy multiple of the parts I needed, so I plan to make and sell these this summer if you are interested.
I plan on charging like $275+ shipping, if you would like to join the list.
I am not going to make promises of performance as that is pretty unsafe, but I will personally be using one of these if I like it, and I will be selling whole reason rifles and kits if I would actually use them.

Btw, the one I made in 2019 was capable of at least 4J with a 290X6.13 barrel and zero air seal, so this should probably be capable of double that with a better barrel and an air seal.

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That is definitely an option, probably comes to the same cost.

HPA is really hard to make "budget" since it just is.
I'd even say that it's hard to have a good "budget" loadout for less than $1k at least sadly.
It can obviously be done, but there are always drawbacks.

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If you want to buy once and cry once, get the following
Wolverine BOLT E
Novritsch SSG10 stock
Novritsch SSG10 magazine block
Bulltrigger receiver
Bulltrigger scope rail
Cheap 45° trigger box
Wolverine cylinder
Action Army chamber
Modify SORA R-hop bucking
Precision Persuits or EdGi barrel
Polarstar MRS regulator
Ninja 68X4500 SLP tank
Any old HPA line

I own a setup very similar to this and really like it, but it definitely does need tuning and adjusting.
Once it's set, it's set unless you change something like the PSI or BB weight.
Still, no reason to ditch your springer, it has the ability to be about as good.
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