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Current real steel project

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I am taking my CM-2 and grafting my spare Tanaka AICS stock to her. A little more work with the stock, as well as a plug for my front hold down bolt. A little more work, and this is going to be a fun rifle :D

I still need a few parts, possibly a different scope rail or a new base.... and then of course the barrel threaded for my on the way Silencer Co Sparrow :D
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Is it a .22? I've been curious about the acurracy amd integrity of an airsoft stock if used with a real steel receiver.
Yeah it is a .22lr.

It is an Izmash CM-2. And if you are ever able to buy one..... DO IT! This thing is stupid accurate out to 300 yards.
I am very familiar with Izhmash.

I was looking into the CZ 452 trainer a while back.
I absolutely love this rifle, she shoots just about everything accurately.
Cool. She looks good. Does the ported suppressor/brake do anything?
As of right now no, because that would be illegal :D There is blue painters tape under it holding it onto the barrel. I just wanted something at the end so I could visualize what she will look like with my suppressor on the end.

Though if I did do everything correctly she would just be a muzzle break. When I do get time to take the barrel to a gunsmith for the threading, I will probably make it so it will be a functional muzzle break.
I was tossing around the idea of getting a form 1 so I could make 1 suppressor for myself. But being as it was going to be my first one, I figured I would buy a really good suppressor, and then use that as the "standard". When doing a form 1 all you do is pay the $200 for the tax stamp. Then when you get your paperwork back you are able to start on the construction of your product.

The license to manufacture suppressors are something like $15,000 for the year, and a crap ton of paperwork, and background checks. So that is not something that I want to even consider!

Though I am tossing around the idea of cutting the barrel back to 16" and making her nice and short :D
Well, you can just make one and then swap it around... :p

I like that idea, the AICS stock and a shorty barrel is really nice.
Thought it was a full AI gun then! Looks badass, I have an AI gun and love it.

Well got her all done and mounted up!!! I cut a chunk of aluminum and welded it into the mag well. Then just a mater of cutting a hole for the front mounting bolt.

Everything is all bolted up and ready to go to the range on Saturday :D Though I may be getting the barrel threaded the same day, and may get a few pics of another suppressor on the end of the old girl.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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