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Initial impression:
Everything looked perfect and more durable than the stock trigger box 100 fold. The material is sturdy and the screws aren't coming out by themselves, that's for sure. One thing I noticed was that the spring guide pin was connected to the actual trigger box which is a nice feature. Overall, it's a well built, durable, universal (you'll see why in a second), sweet looking trigger box.

In comparison

As I went to install, I filed the trigger guard down like mentioned in the instructions. Once it fit, I put my Laylax Teflon cylinder in the receiver and then screwed the trigger box down and then the trigger guard. Everything looked ready to go. I assembled the rifle, pulled the bolt back and nothing... It wouldn't lock in place. But I was determined to figure out why. So I started trouble shooting and the problem was not the s-trigger. The problem was the spring guide. Unfortunately, Edgi's spring guide didn't work with the Laylax piston. This is because the Laylax piston was too short and the spring guide didn't go in all the way. Here's some pictures so you can see what I mean:

This is with the spring guide in:

As you can see, the edgi spring guide is a bit longer than the stock.
This doesn't allow the trigger sear to catch the piston which is why it wouldn't lock.
Thus you have two options, grind the edgi spring guide to the stock length. Or you can get a new spring guide that's stock length.

But!!! Being persistent pays off. as I looked closer at the edgi piston, it looked different than other 45 degree pistons. Yes it has a 45 degree edge on it but it also has a 90 degree on the inside of the ring. Making it the first, unintentional or intentional, I'm not sure, hybrid piston!!! So I decided to test it out, I put the edgi piston, Laylax m150 spring, and edgi spring guide into my Laylax Teflon cylinder. Installed the s-trigger and assembled the rifle.
Sure enough!, it worked like a charm! I even jiggled it around to see if it would slip off but it doesn't. I will continue to test and see if any damage is done to the piston or the trigger. But as of now, I just got really lucky hahah.

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any input!

Springer for your website review:

Overall, the s-trigger has exceeded my expectations. The high quality, durable, and sleek finish has definitely won me over. In comparison to an upgraded edgi stock trigger box, the s-trigger, hands down surpasses the performance. Money well spent and worth every penny. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for custom top quality products for their bar-10!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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