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What do you prefer to buy?

  • widely available parts

    Votes: 68 46.6%
  • custom parts

    Votes: 78 53.4%
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I am really pleased that there are some crafty European airsoft snipers out there. Thumbs up from me.
I am going to upgrade my VSR-10 (Marui base) to an M190 spirng (in Bulgaria the limit is 200m/s) and I want to ask your opinion if your trigger can handle it in long term and do you supply replacement parts if such are needed. If so - for Varna, Bulgaria is the shipping still 10$?

And also you can point me to a piston that is proven to work well with your trigger in such a build.
Ranger - if you can tell me price including delivery to Varna, Bulgaria PostCode 9000 for one of your pistons that would do the job I would be grateful.

A few potential snipers in my area are diverting to DMR or full auto AEGs because of the high price of upgrades for sniper rifles for our fields.

In any case, best of luck with both of you and your projects.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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