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Custom 90� VSR trigger

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Custom 90° VSR trigger (S-trigger)

LATEST VERSION S-trigger v.7

I hope that you don't forget on my S-trigger :).

It takes me some time to figure out what I want from the new trigger.

It is mostly:
  • Preserved safety function ( its challenge in this design )
  • Zero need of modification to the gun or trigger guard ( my priority )
  • Simply as possible
  • Robust and durable
  • Versatility ( TM VSR/TM L96 in one package )
  • Some adjustability ( length of trigger pull )
  • Light trigger pull ( even better than on last version )

I have prototype of a new S-trigger v.7 on which I am testing above-mentioned.
Its not the final design, needs some tweaking but is not far from that.

How much I wanted to makes it different from ZERO trigger. I spent a month by trying to make it completely different :) In the end its almost from 30% Zero trigger. Internally its almost completely redesigned. Less complex and easier to manufacture.

Stay tuned for news

You can also follow me on Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.

Info for Older version of the trigger ( v.6 ) below in code
[B]For[/B] these who don't know my trigger , I call him [U]S-trigger[/U]. Functionally is based on Noobies M-trigger. So if there anybody who still trying to find some M-triggers for sale , I can offer you my S-trigger which has all features of M-trigger and something more.

[B]Advantage[/B] of my trigger beside other after market triggers is preserved function of [U]safety[/U] [only my S-trigger and V-trigger has safety].

For example on stock JG BAR-10 spring is trigger pull weight on my S-trigger [U]1,5 lb[/U]. and on V-trigger [U]4,5 lb[/U]. 

[B]It[/B] is simple 90 degree design focused on durability. All steel construction of trigger is ready for strongest upgrades available on market. 

[U][B]Trigger pull weight[/B][/U]

Average trigger pull weight on my S-trigger is 1.5 lb.
[url=]trigger pull measuring - YouTube[/url]

[U][B]Trigger guard modification[/B][/U]



[B]S-trigger[/B] is compatible with all after-market 90 degree pistons.
- [URL=""]Laylax[/URL]
- [URL=""]King Arms[/URL]
- [URL=""]Action[/URL]
- [URL=""]PDI[/URL] (for conversion of standard 45 degree PDI piston)
- [URL=""]Edgi[/URL]
- [URL=""]Ranger[/URL]


Sides: Aluminum
Piston sear: Stainless steel (Heat Treatment)
Pins: 4mm cold rolled steel
Thread inserts: Tappex Microbarb® M4 (brass)
Spring: 0,5 mm
Other parts: Stainless steel
Magnet : M35 (10x3mm)




I know there are some users of my trigger. If anybody of them notice this thread, please let me know if you are satisfied with them or not. Thanks.
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The stock pistons are 45°. Airsoft Gi already sells that sear set from Speed.
I have'nt had any other zero triggers, but I will say that these S Triggers are bad ass! just received my box of 10 trigger units from Springer today, and I cannot wait to install mine!

Not trying to "sell these up" but in my opinion, buying from a small business like Springer and myself tend to care more, and take better care of our products, and customers.. Without you, there wouldnt be us..

The big companies dont usually care as much. There will be better customer service, and replacement parts etc..

Everyone knows the issues with the M28, and I cant imagine Echo1 not knowing about it.. BUT, all they have done so far, was call us owners idiots, and say the rifles are fine, and that all these stock pistons blowing out was OUR fault.. Brian from E1 has a youtube video where he talks crap to us, and is super snotty..

I can tell you right now, if there were to be a problem with my parts, or Springers parts, we would make sure you "the customer" is happy.. I know that Springer feels the same way, cause as soon as I mentioned modding the trigger box to fit the M28, he was cool enough to make another style trigger box that will fit the M28.

Right there shows me he cares, and that he's a good dude.. If anyone ever has a problem with my custom parts, I will do everything I can to make ya happy, as I believe Springer would also do..

Not saying them other trigger boxes arent also awesome, cause they must be cause they sell like hot cakes lol.. But, them guys will never be personal with a customer like us small business owners are..

I still chat with piston customers all the time, even months and months after they bought my parts.

"sorry for the longest post ever haha" Just wanted to mention all that.. lol..

also, I wouldnt be upset with anyone here for buying a piston from another business,lol.. I would rather you be happy, no matter where you get them..
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At that FPS you will be more than satisfied. It lasts century on that FPS.
haha! I agree.. The rifle will fall apart before these trigger boxes give out.. I have been holding and admiring them all day today so far!

the sears are a nice hard steel, and thats one of the best parts I liked about them.. I also like that the body is aluminum plate, with steel inside! I kept breaking standard trigger boxes.. These, I would say are Ranger proof lol..
I would have to agree about the squareness of the mount plate for the trigger unit. It should be more rounded for a more snug and stronger connection of the unit with the receiver.. I didnt think they really look unprofessionaly made though. I am an "Authorized dealer" of the S Triggers in the United States now also. I will be getting a milling attachment delivered next week to me. I will try to get some milling bits and round the flat part of the units to match the shape of the receivers. It will leave the main parts of the trigger unit thinner so I will only try and round them some. Being that the inside of the "sandwich" is steel, it should still be nice and strong, and way way stronger than the BS aluminum stock trigger units.

I will work out the details with Springer more about having replacement parts on hand like springs etc.. So if anything happens, I can help to fix them so nobody has to ship out of country for help or parts etc..

I will gladly help in any way I can.
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I agree 100%!! I snapped so so many crappy stock trigger boxes, just snapped 2 in the last 6 months! Constantly replacing trigger and piston sear etc... I have ZERO fear in this trigger unit.. I am not even almost worried about it breaking.

As for the spring guide stopper being different, I am pretty sure this new design is good to go. I make many pistons for Vsr, and M28 rifles. I make spring guides as well. I have a small box of stock spring guides, and pretty much all of them vary in size at the rear nipple that the guide stopper touches.

"Just noticed, not often can I say nipple, and touching in the same sentance on here" hahaha!

But anyways... I have 4 vsr type spring guide stoppers also with different size bevels in them. some are deeper, some are larger diameter around..

I noticed the difference between the first S Trigger I modded to fit the M28, and the ones I have currently, and I didnt have a second thought about it.

The little nipple thing on the spring guides dont really have a purpose in my opinion. They dont stop the spring guide and spring from sliding side to side inside the cylinder. cause the base of the guide is the same size as the delrin guide rings in the pistons.. So there cant be a side to side slip..

The pressure of the spring will hold the guide nice and tight to the stopper also!
The spring and guide work together as a team.. Without the guide, the spring would just bend inside the piston, and cylinder causing the spring damage. Take your piston out once and leave everything else inside.. cock the rifle once.. Now you have a bent spring! I accidentally cocked one of my rifles once without a piston, and ruined my spring,lol.. Now it makes a rubbing noise.

As being a person who is building a business from making pistons and spring guides, you can trust my opinion on this..

I trust the S Trigger 110%

As for the piston sear, its steel.. You cannot get a strong enough spring inside that rifle that will harm the sear.. I am 110% positive on that! and if you do find a spring that small, and that strong.... Not a chance in hell will the rifle be able to be cocked,lol.. The cylinder/bolt handle would snap first.

The piston sear in a 90degree trigger unit is nothing similar to the piston sear in a standard 45 degree trigger unit. Way way less pressure on the head part of the sear, and sear catch

The way I see it.. "And its not because I am the U.S retailer of the S Trigger" If you want a damn strong, very good 90 degree trigger unit at a good price, look no further cause this is the way to go.. I became the U.S retailer just a few days ago, and chose to after inspecting the S Trigger, and following this thread..

If you dont like the way its not shiny and pretty.. Keep the trigger unit where it belongs.. INSIDE the rifle lol..

Pretty doesnt mean better.. This man Springer / Pavol is a great guy, and has a great product, thats for sure.. I would'nt even offer his units on my website if i felt he was a shady person, or if his product wasnt good.

I have one on my M28 now and I am more than happy with it.. I will never have to worry about a broken trigger unit, or worn out piston sear ever again! Last trigger unit I had broke during a game and I was mad enough to actually whip my rifle as hard as I could throw it..

I felt bad afterwards,lol.. Now my rifle is 100% trusted. I fear nothing in my rifle will fail now, except normal wear on the bucking and nub.. cant stop that though.
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No offense taken buddy, I said it was But yeah, Stainless steel is better to say actually, cause its even stronger than standard steel. I use stainless for my sear catches on my pistons. after thousands of shots, my 45 degree sear catches still look brand new.. No marks on the sear catch what so ever either.

I havent gotten but a few mag full of shots so far on my 90 degree piston with the S Trigger so far. Only used it in one game so far.

Only one issue I have with it, but its now really an issue.. The bolt pull is exactly the same as it was with the old trigger unit and 45 degree piston. It was said that bolt pull would go from 6lbs to 1 lbs.. Might be thats just with a Vsr rifle, not the M28? I am still using the stock M28 spring.. still not really an issue, just mentioning it.
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Try and see if loosening the front screws just a slight bit helps. I had a similar problem, and when I loosened the front two screws on the trigger box, the piston sear moved freely again.
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