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Custom 90� VSR trigger

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Custom 90° VSR trigger (S-trigger)

LATEST VERSION S-trigger v.7

I hope that you don't forget on my S-trigger :).

It takes me some time to figure out what I want from the new trigger.

It is mostly:
  • Preserved safety function ( its challenge in this design )
  • Zero need of modification to the gun or trigger guard ( my priority )
  • Simply as possible
  • Robust and durable
  • Versatility ( TM VSR/TM L96 in one package )
  • Some adjustability ( length of trigger pull )
  • Light trigger pull ( even better than on last version )

I have prototype of a new S-trigger v.7 on which I am testing above-mentioned.
Its not the final design, needs some tweaking but is not far from that.

How much I wanted to makes it different from ZERO trigger. I spent a month by trying to make it completely different :) In the end its almost from 30% Zero trigger. Internally its almost completely redesigned. Less complex and easier to manufacture.

Stay tuned for news

You can also follow me on Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.

Info for Older version of the trigger ( v.6 ) below in code
[B]For[/B] these who don't know my trigger , I call him [U]S-trigger[/U]. Functionally is based on Noobies M-trigger. So if there anybody who still trying to find some M-triggers for sale , I can offer you my S-trigger which has all features of M-trigger and something more.

[B]Advantage[/B] of my trigger beside other after market triggers is preserved function of [U]safety[/U] [only my S-trigger and V-trigger has safety].

For example on stock JG BAR-10 spring is trigger pull weight on my S-trigger [U]1,5 lb[/U]. and on V-trigger [U]4,5 lb[/U]. 

[B]It[/B] is simple 90 degree design focused on durability. All steel construction of trigger is ready for strongest upgrades available on market. 

[U][B]Trigger pull weight[/B][/U]

Average trigger pull weight on my S-trigger is 1.5 lb.
[url=]trigger pull measuring - YouTube[/url]

[U][B]Trigger guard modification[/B][/U]



[B]S-trigger[/B] is compatible with all after-market 90 degree pistons.
- [URL=""]Laylax[/URL]
- [URL=""]King Arms[/URL]
- [URL=""]Action[/URL]
- [URL=""]PDI[/URL] (for conversion of standard 45 degree PDI piston)
- [URL=""]Edgi[/URL]
- [URL=""]Ranger[/URL]


Sides: Aluminum
Piston sear: Stainless steel (Heat Treatment)
Pins: 4mm cold rolled steel
Thread inserts: Tappex Microbarb® M4 (brass)
Spring: 0,5 mm
Other parts: Stainless steel
Magnet : M35 (10x3mm)




I know there are some users of my trigger. If anybody of them notice this thread, please let me know if you are satisfied with them or not. Thanks.
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So I've upgrade my VSR-10 to 600fps ±1 and did it will all PDI parts, and while the PDI trigger box is near indestructible, the actual trigger pull is awful. It basically feels like the gun is on safety when you are trying to pull the trigger.
I was going to try find a Noobies M-trigger, but if your trigger can handle a beating then I figure why not give it a go. My question is what is the trigger pull like? I don't need it like Laylax where I can breathe on it and have it shoot. But say a 1lb trigger pull or so would be nice. Have you tried measuring the force needed to shoot?

I am currently running:

PDI Bore-Up Receiver
PDI Bore-Up V-trigger 2
PDI Bore-Up Premier VC Cylinder Set (Palsonite)
PDI SPR 380% Spring (570 fps)
PDI Hop-Up Chamber - Bore-Up - ER-Hopped
PDI W Hop-Up Bucking
PDI 6.05mm 554 MM Barrel
As first , I can tell you that I heard about heavy Vtrigger trigger pull.
Second, until now I dont have trigger pull scale but I measured it DIYthis way

Results that I get are probably not so accurate , but really similar to that what Noobie measured on his trigger
This is copied from his post on

"The following data (lbs nearest 0.25) was recorded:
JG Stock 4.25 lbs
EdGI SP01 7.00 lbs
EdGI SP02 8.25 lbs

JG Stock 1.75 lbs (59% lighter)
EdGI SP01 2.50 lbs (65% lighter)
EdGI SP02 3.00 lbs (64% lighter)

** Three (3) pulls on each spring, average recorded."

So M-trig has trigger pull on JG stock 1.75 and I measured on my S-trigger about 1.77 .

1 lb trigger pull (or lower) you could only have on zero trigger. If you was satisfied with Noobies M-trig (which is not available) you was be satisfied also with mine trigger. I broke my M190 Laylax spring , so I cant measure it with higher upgrade. But it was pretty smooth trigger pull even on this spring.
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I love it! Thanks I appreciate the quick response as well as the information. I am currently waiting to be paid (should be Friday or Sunday), I will have an order filled out and submitted then. I don't know if you have a limited number left, but if you want a small down payment to hold one I can do that. Otherwise please hold one for me!

What is the highest spring this has been tested with? I might be getting a heavier spring and maybe cutting it, but I don't want to put to much stress on the trigger. Also is it compatible with the 90º PDI piston end? I only ask because on your website you recommend various piston ends but PDI is not mentioned.
I dont need a deposit for trigger. I have a few pieces. I will be thinking on you.

I tested it only on 190 spring, but trigger was tested on higher available upgrades as SS5000 spring. On website are short reviews with higher upgrades.

Trigger must also work with PDI pistons, there is no reason why not.
I dont list them because I think they dont sell them separately from vtrigger.
Oops, spent all my money. Don't expect me to buy and review the trigger yet. :(
You may buy one from new batch :) sometime.
I also looking forward to this review
Hey pavol good to see the triggers doing well. To any one looking to buy one of these triggers I can vouch for their durabillity. I've owned mine for nearly 2 years now i've approx put 40+k shots through my gun with this trigger most of which running varied fps between 450fps rite up to 860fps with the pdi ss5000 spring which i shot 2k of .29sgm's with. As to date i've only had to replace a couple of sear return springs which i put down to extreme usage with hardly any sign of wear to piston sear alough i did order 3 spare just incase it eventually wears out but its going to be a long time before i can see that happening so i thank you springer (pavol) for your outstanding trigger. hope my 2nd post is ok regards bigguns
Hi, Luke your second post is more than good :yup:. And its good to hear that trigger works well after so many shots. I am don't getting feedback from many people. I'm thinking that, when they do not say anything, so it probably works well.
For some reason I cannot get your website to format correctly on my work pc, so I cannot really view any information. It appears that everything is off to the far right out of view. I'm running a not up to date version of internet explorer on this computer so that might be it.

I'm extremely excited to research this when I get home, though.
Yes, it is not ideal. site is probably wider than usual. Its free service, there is not so much optimization options. But I think on newer browser it must work proper.
What is the wait time on these triggers? Are they built and ready to go? or is there a few week wait period while you make them?
I produce them in batches for 10 to 20 pieces and then sell. When a batch sold out, I do new within two weeks. It will be also shown on my website.
Just sent an order :)

Will do a quick review when I get it
Have it , I try to send it tomorrow. Your order was probably last from this batch ;-)
I have got most of semi-finished products for triggers. In the near future we will begin with modifying them, and assembly.


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Yes I remember on you woogie. I will be happy when you remember on me when you get this rifle.
I am glad to hear that you like my trigger guys. And thank you for review Dead Ace Shot.
back in stock
hi I'm new here and my english is very bad however i just want to know Springer are you making the trigger housing out of aluminium or what?
Hi, yes trigger housing is from aluminum. Don't worry, it is strong enough for highest upgrades.
New version of S-trigger is ready. 5th revision of trigger brings mainly new design of spring guide stopper , which is shorter and differently shaped. It improved consistency of power needed to pull bolt back.

I also used shorter screws , which no longer exceed end of brass nut.
And few minor modifications.


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Aw... Could have used the shorter screws when I ordered it a month ago! Lol.
I think there are more important things on trigger than screws :yup:
I will be happy if you guys post here some pictures and write something more about modifications needed to fit M28. So everyone could decide if it can modify by yourself or not.
I have cut few pieces of 45° piston sear, but till now I don't test them.

Thank you Ranger for that instructions , if anybody wants I can made these adjustments for M28 on my milling machine. And on what size is needed to drill mounting holes ?
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Once I get mine in I'll be sure to record everything with the mic's. Also was the center to centers the same just bigger bolts I assume?
looking forward
I am glad you like my trigger Backspin and I hope you modify him to your satisfaction.
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I am tested today 45° piston sear in my trigger. All what can I say is " it works "​
I also put in standard VSR 45° trigger box, just to make sure it works equally to my 45° conversion S-trigger.​

And conclusion : both 45° trigger work the same.​
If anybody wants this modification I can make it but I think it is awful. After 3 years of using 90° trigger I forgot how bad is this 45° system. Bolt pull back to receiver is terrifying , I think something must be wrong with my 45° piston sear, but standard VSR trigger has exactly the same bolt pull weight.​

I measured power needed to pull bolt back (with trigger pull scale) and here are results :​
  1. S-trigger 45° - 6,5 lb (2,95kg)
  2. VSR10 45° trigger - 6,5lb (2,95kg)
  3. S-trigger 90° - 1lb (0,45kg)

Tested on stock JG spring and piston​


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