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Custom 90� VSR trigger

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Custom 90° VSR trigger (S-trigger)

LATEST VERSION S-trigger v.7

I hope that you don't forget on my S-trigger :).

It takes me some time to figure out what I want from the new trigger.

It is mostly:
  • Preserved safety function ( its challenge in this design )
  • Zero need of modification to the gun or trigger guard ( my priority )
  • Simply as possible
  • Robust and durable
  • Versatility ( TM VSR/TM L96 in one package )
  • Some adjustability ( length of trigger pull )
  • Light trigger pull ( even better than on last version )

I have prototype of a new S-trigger v.7 on which I am testing above-mentioned.
Its not the final design, needs some tweaking but is not far from that.

How much I wanted to makes it different from ZERO trigger. I spent a month by trying to make it completely different :) In the end its almost from 30% Zero trigger. Internally its almost completely redesigned. Less complex and easier to manufacture.

Stay tuned for news

You can also follow me on Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.

Info for Older version of the trigger ( v.6 ) below in code
[B]For[/B] these who don't know my trigger , I call him [U]S-trigger[/U]. Functionally is based on Noobies M-trigger. So if there anybody who still trying to find some M-triggers for sale , I can offer you my S-trigger which has all features of M-trigger and something more.

[B]Advantage[/B] of my trigger beside other after market triggers is preserved function of [U]safety[/U] [only my S-trigger and V-trigger has safety].

For example on stock JG BAR-10 spring is trigger pull weight on my S-trigger [U]1,5 lb[/U]. and on V-trigger [U]4,5 lb[/U]. 

[B]It[/B] is simple 90 degree design focused on durability. All steel construction of trigger is ready for strongest upgrades available on market. 

[U][B]Trigger pull weight[/B][/U]

Average trigger pull weight on my S-trigger is 1.5 lb.
[url=]trigger pull measuring - YouTube[/url]

[U][B]Trigger guard modification[/B][/U]



[B]S-trigger[/B] is compatible with all after-market 90 degree pistons.
- [URL=""]Laylax[/URL]
- [URL=""]King Arms[/URL]
- [URL=""]Action[/URL]
- [URL=""]PDI[/URL] (for conversion of standard 45 degree PDI piston)
- [URL=""]Edgi[/URL]
- [URL=""]Ranger[/URL]


Sides: Aluminum
Piston sear: Stainless steel (Heat Treatment)
Pins: 4mm cold rolled steel
Thread inserts: Tappex Microbarb® M4 (brass)
Spring: 0,5 mm
Other parts: Stainless steel
Magnet : M35 (10x3mm)




I know there are some users of my trigger. If anybody of them notice this thread, please let me know if you are satisfied with them or not. Thanks.
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I will sell triggers modified for M28 , and Ranger will also have few for sale. There will be no needed modification on trigger but you still need to do little modification on trigger guard.
Another update my s-trigger is up to 53.5k as of this weekend. Still using original piston sear.
My best tester :yup:
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Anyone compared this to the Laylax PSS10 Zero trigger?
Can't decide between Laylax Zero trigger and piston, or S-trigger and Ranger's piston. I'll probably go with the latter. ;)
What do you expect from trigger ? You can write here functions which are important for you and I can help you decide.

I also send one trigger to Daren from ASPUK, tels me that he used almost every trigger so when it will arrive to him , probably makes some review.

I own ASG zero trigger (its different shape but same function) so I have some insights.
Just looking for a sturdy and reliable trigger that will survive for a long time in a gun shooting at 450fps (on .2g).

Decided to go with the S-trigger though, when I get round to buying a trigger anyway.
At that FPS you will be more than satisfied. It lasts century on that FPS.
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picture from bigguns shows piston catch sear after 50+k shoots (bottom), beside of new unused sear (top). Without any noticeable wear.

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Well today my S-trigger arrived and I have installed them now. My first impression was quite ok. There are some things that need to be improved.
Compared to M-Trigger V1 the S-Trigger looks unprofessional made -> all hand made so I think replacement parts will be difficult (all parts are not the same -> need modification or whole box need to be sent to slovakia.
One major thing is that the bottom side of the box is not round up to perfect fit to the receiver. M-trigger solve this by placing the 3 pieces of the shell (sandwich) in a triangle form -> innerpart plate is positioned litte bit inside so that both outershell is sticking out. In that case you have 2 points that stabilize the box instead of one point.
I hope you unterstood what I mean.

The trigger pull of the S-Trigger is ligther than the M-Trigger V1 / V2.

Is it worth the money? I think yes unless you already have a M-Trigger

Dont get me wrong: I just want to give you some feedback where you can improve your product.
Hi, thank you for critics. So let me tell you something too.

"Unprofessional made (hand made)"

Every part is cut by Laser (basic shape) and than it is tuned by hand.
So spare parts are no problem , they will be always the same on 0,05mm. I am assembling 20 triggers at once, so I am picking random parts for assembly (nothing like this piston sear was made to fit this ALU housing)

They looks hand made because I spent a lot of time of tuning them to have great function and minimal friction. I take care to these parts which are functional. I dont polish all parts to looks amazing. I focus on function parts. Trigger is not so expensive for that reason. I dont want to spend so much time on one trigger only for shiny look.

"Bottom side of the box is not round up"

None of the triggers on market have this ,,round up,, except standard cast trigger box. I dont telling it is bad feature but I think on Noobies M-Trig it has mainly psychological effect. When it is perfectly rounded to fit receiver it works but in this case I dont think so. If it was helpful PDI will have it on trigger (probably).

"The trigger pull"

This is most important thing on trigger (with bolt pull) for me (and for function). Which you telling is better than M-trig. So in trigger pull it is desc Zero-trigger, S-trigger, M-trigger, V-trigger and others :)
Thank you for confirming that.

I will make some tests (on your suggestions of design improvements)

I hope you will be satisfied with function of trigger :)
And thanks for feedback
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My initial thoughts....

Being the owner of ASPUK we already reatail our own "EZ Trggers" however they have similar trigger pull to the stock trigger. We built ours for reliability and sturdyness. Medium Trigger pull is acceptable.

Springer has sent me a sample as i'm looking to add an alternative option with similar light trigger pull characteristics as the Laylax Zero Trigger.

I am yet to fit the sample to a rifle to test however my initial thoughts are:

Tip of piston sear is quite thin, would this wear down quickly? Could the tip be made slightly thinker to add longevity to the sears life?

Crudely made? Yes, a little. The S-Trigger doesn't have the refined edges of some other triggers out there however I can see beyond this as i'm after something that is going to be very robust.

I noticed the top edge of the trigger is flat. Not rounded to fit the shape of the receiver. Our EZ Triggers don't have this nor do Laylax so i don't think this is an issue.

Trigger pull: TBC, however from my experience it seems very light, prob just a tad off the Laylax Zero Trigger. I've never tested an M-Trig so cannot compare.

I'll respond further once i've tested the trigger.
Piston sear in this configuration will last very long time (years), as you can see few post above (53k+ shoots and piston sear does not show any noticeable wear. I goes trough many versions of piston sear (thicker) and this is the best version.
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Alright I trow the S-Trigger out my VSR10 cause I don`t trust the springguide stopper. I have the feeling that the bolt pull is little bit harder.
Here are some pictures that compares the S and M-trigger
Bild: 20130522_185407vbu6f.jpg -
Bild: 20130522_185555yeuat.jpg -
Bild: 20130522_18570031uq0.jpg -
Bild: 20130522_190111ocuzy.jpg -

I don`t understand why you redesigned the springguide stopper. Your first edition are little bit similar to the M-trigger -> tiny hole and without big groove.
I am using a Polarstar springguide and I am scared that the springguide will have a bad position/bad angle that cause more friction inside the cylinder which lead my tefloncylinder will die very soon.
Are there any advantage if the springguide is extended like the M-trigger?
Can someone confirm my doubt?

Btw: on the second picture you can see that the innerpart is slightly shifted inside to fit better to the receiver
I goes to this design for consistency in manufacturing process. This design will better adapt to spring guide. Standard spring guide has end pin 2mm long , check if you have this length. I think you're scared unnecessarily. Please take photo of polar star spring guide and post it here.
I have in stock. Standard delivery time to finland is 3-5 days. And quicker could be after 3 days for 50 dollars
Dayum 50 dollars is enough to rather wait for couple more days. :D Did you mention somewhere that you send these parts insured or with tracking ID or is it just my imagination doing a trick on me?
for 10 dollars It cant be insured in our post. But tracking for package is available.
do they springs/pieces come at an extra cost, or are they free? :D :D :D
I am selling springs as a spare part, not for free :)
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This is good to know. Springer i'll order spare springs then for i'll be running a 170 all the time. How much extra are the springs?
Its 8 $ for two main springs which returns piston sear. There is another spring which returns trigger sear for 2$ , but this is not likely to break.
Springer iam going to build a jg vsr ,so i will be buying from you soon how much shipping to spain ? Every body seems to like your triger so i will give a shoot too :)
Looking forward, and as telling luismx its around 8 EUR.
I will give loosening the screws a try. I believe tho, that the spring has gotten weaker...Kind of disapointing for only a near 1k rounds...
I am sure that I will fix it within 10 minutes when I have it in hands. Video or picture will be helpfull.

If you dissassembly trigger, are you sure that you assembly everything correctly ?

Something must go wrong. There is no way to stop work after that few shots.
I will post pics this weakend! I believe the spring is weaker or has some Problem. Ive taken a look from the outside and everything else looks fine. Hopefully i will get around to it tomorrow..
It looks something like this ?

@Springer: YES! Exactly Like that. After shooting, the trigger stays back because the piston sear doesn't return fully. It only clicks in when pulling the bold back as the piston pushes the piston sear back allowing the trigger to jump back into position...
should help to open spring which you want stronger


or do little cut in piston sear

I have had some issues with mine since I received it. Piston sear springs broke often, the piston sear was sitting farther back then 90 degrees, and loose tolerances when it came to the holes being drilled perfectly straight and rough patches on the metal. However once I fixed all of the issues it was great and I love the trigger. Excellent support and easy to get parts made to custom specs made.
Sorry for that. I hate to hear that you have these problems. As you know trigger is not completely CNC made so there is place for some tolerances. I trying to fulfill all orders in good time. I spending a lot of time working around the house, I have got full-time employment, I have some new projects which bringing to life. For this ,,little trigger activity,, I have less time that I need/want. I know that there are some issues with trigger , but they are based on the construction itself (excepts springs) and everybody who buying this trigger unit should count with them. As you told trigger have potential of tweaking and fixing some issues that should come.I hope you will overcome all problems. Thanks for support.
I received the s-trigger. It looks fantastic. The build quality is great.

I am having some trouble. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or there is a quick fix. First off here are the parts I have installed: stock cylinder, laylax cylinder head, pdi 330% spring, action army 90 degree piston and angel custom metal spring guide.

The trigger sear isn't engaging with the piston, when I pull back the bolt. It is angled forward.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate your input.
I have some ideas which can cause this.

I need to know how thick is rear end (stainless steel) of piston.

And other dimensions of this rear end on piston.

Question to other users of trigger : anybody using this action army piston ?

is it this piston
I received the s-trigger. It looks fantastic. The build quality is great.

I am having some trouble. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or there is a quick fix. First off here are the parts I have installed: stock cylinder, laylax cylinder head, pdi 330% spring, action army 90 degree piston and angel custom metal spring guide.

The trigger sear isn't engaging with the piston, when I pull back the bolt. It is angled forward.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate your input.
Maybe is piston catch sear to long for your piston , you should grind little (0,5mm) from top of sear , if it doesnt help try another 0,5mm , but that must be MAXIMUM what you grind.

This could help you
Reinstalling the stock cylinder head didn't do the trick. I did a little sanding on the sear, probably not enough. Still no luck.

I also took the trigger apart, rounded off the edge of the steel piece in front of the sear and reassembled the S-trigger. I was hoping that the sear would have more room to flex. No luck.

I am going to file down the sear a bit more.
Did you cut from trigger guard ?
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