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Custom 90� VSR trigger

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Custom 90° VSR trigger (S-trigger)

LATEST VERSION S-trigger v.7

I hope that you don't forget on my S-trigger :).

It takes me some time to figure out what I want from the new trigger.

It is mostly:
  • Preserved safety function ( its challenge in this design )
  • Zero need of modification to the gun or trigger guard ( my priority )
  • Simply as possible
  • Robust and durable
  • Versatility ( TM VSR/TM L96 in one package )
  • Some adjustability ( length of trigger pull )
  • Light trigger pull ( even better than on last version )

I have prototype of a new S-trigger v.7 on which I am testing above-mentioned.
Its not the final design, needs some tweaking but is not far from that.

How much I wanted to makes it different from ZERO trigger. I spent a month by trying to make it completely different :) In the end its almost from 30% Zero trigger. Internally its almost completely redesigned. Less complex and easier to manufacture.

Stay tuned for news

You can also follow me on Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.

Info for Older version of the trigger ( v.6 ) below in code
[B]For[/B] these who don't know my trigger , I call him [U]S-trigger[/U]. Functionally is based on Noobies M-trigger. So if there anybody who still trying to find some M-triggers for sale , I can offer you my S-trigger which has all features of M-trigger and something more.

[B]Advantage[/B] of my trigger beside other after market triggers is preserved function of [U]safety[/U] [only my S-trigger and V-trigger has safety].

For example on stock JG BAR-10 spring is trigger pull weight on my S-trigger [U]1,5 lb[/U]. and on V-trigger [U]4,5 lb[/U]. 

[B]It[/B] is simple 90 degree design focused on durability. All steel construction of trigger is ready for strongest upgrades available on market. 

[U][B]Trigger pull weight[/B][/U]

Average trigger pull weight on my S-trigger is 1.5 lb.
[url=]trigger pull measuring - YouTube[/url]

[U][B]Trigger guard modification[/B][/U]



[B]S-trigger[/B] is compatible with all after-market 90 degree pistons.
- [URL=""]Laylax[/URL]
- [URL=""]King Arms[/URL]
- [URL=""]Action[/URL]
- [URL=""]PDI[/URL] (for conversion of standard 45 degree PDI piston)
- [URL=""]Edgi[/URL]
- [URL=""]Ranger[/URL]


Sides: Aluminum
Piston sear: Stainless steel (Heat Treatment)
Pins: 4mm cold rolled steel
Thread inserts: Tappex Microbarb® M4 (brass)
Spring: 0,5 mm
Other parts: Stainless steel
Magnet : M35 (10x3mm)




I know there are some users of my trigger. If anybody of them notice this thread, please let me know if you are satisfied with them or not. Thanks.
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I planned to post it actually. The more I look at your trigger box, the more I want one,lol.. This thing is nice!
Just another durabillity update for all looking to purchase springer's s-trigger i am up to around 51k rounds with it as of this weekend gone with original piston sear just a few sear return spring's failed down to high usage.
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Just finished making the S Trigger work with the M28.

I only needed to take off a little from both the trigger box and the trigger guard for these to work together.

As you can see, I only needed to smooth out two small easy spots on the guard..

The trigger sear SLIGHTLY touches the latch on the door for the magwell. Its so little there is a slight tap sound and the door moves ever so slightly. I shaved a little off the bottom of the trigger sear and its good to go. "This mod makes no change to the great strength or function of the trigger box" Just dont cut too much and get too close to the trigger rod hole.. DONT LET YOUR DREMEL RUN FROM YOU. If it catches and starts to run "grab" pull up right away,lol..

Only things you will need for this is.

Cut off disk
Sharpie marker or whatever..
Tape measure or something to measure with.

I suggest fully mounting the S Trigger to the reciever when cutting, for better grip, and getting something to grind out the corners of the cut better cause mine look a little sloppy, but I dont have a way to clean the corners right now.

Now more of my thoughts on the S Trigger.

This is a VERY solid unit, I feel a 45 degree piston sear for those who want it would be a good idea.

I have not held any other Zero Trigger type units before, but I can say I strongly suggest this trigger unit to everyone! I cant wait till I can afford one for my personal M28,haha.
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Sweet! Can't wait til mine shows up now so I can start fitting it to my m28!
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I have cut few pieces of 45° piston sear, but till now I don't test them.

Thank you Ranger for that instructions , if anybody wants I can made these adjustments for M28 on my milling machine. And on what size is needed to drill mounting holes ?
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Nice job on the modding guide & detailed pics Ranger.
I've had the opportunity to work on quite a few TM Clone\VSR-10 Hybrid rifles over the years myself, and have also found that the M28 variant to be the most difficult to adapt an upgrade 90* trigger system into.
I've been exposed to hands on experience with just about every VSR-10 90* trigger that has been available commercially to date and the S-Trigger, PDI V-Trigger, & AC Alpha Triggers are the only one's that I have found can be successfully modded to fit the Echo1-M28/ KS-M24 rifles.
The Laylax Zero Trigger & AA, & AC Zero trigger clones are much too large in size do to their internal\ External design & simply cannot be adapted for fit into the M28.

To mod any 90* trigger to fit the M28 requires minor modification to both the trigger & the rifle & patience is the key to achieving success while performing the upgrade.

There's a lot of M28's out there which all came with junk triggers, & if we here at ASF can provide Springer with the info he needs in order to produce an M28 compatable S-Trigger, he could easily become the only supplier offering a "Drop-In M28 90* Upgrade Trigger system available!
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Thank you Ranger for that instructions , if anybody wants I can made these adjustments for M28 on my milling machine. And on what size is needed to drill mounting holes ?
I drilled the holes out with a 5/32 bit and the stock m28 screws fit in there perfectly. 5/32 converted to metric would be 3.97mm, so I guess a 4mm metric bit would work.
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Once I get mine in I'll be sure to record everything with the mic's. Also was the center to centers the same just bigger bolts I assume?
Once I get mine in I'll be sure to record everything with the mic's. Also was the center to centers the same just bigger bolts I assume?
All I did was vice it and run the drill press through it on both front and back screw holes. It's made to be VSR compatible, so the screws holes are significantly smaller.
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I'm more than happy to help. I didnt know that the other zero trigger's were too big and cant be made to fit.. Infact thats freaking awesome! Cause THIS SITE alone is the place to go,hahaha.. I make M28 pistons, Springer can make the trigger boxes.. Thats BADASS! :tup:
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Once I get mine in I'll be sure to record everything with the mic's. Also was the center to centers the same just bigger bolts I assume?
looking forward

Not to COMPLETELY turn this into a m28 thread, but echo 1 just started selling upgrade sears as well for the m28. If people wish to stick with the stock trigger group and not go 90 degree, it's a possibility now. So your 45's could also sell, Dave.
The stock pistons are 45°. Airsoft Gi already sells that sear set from Speed.
I got my s trigger in today and just looking it over, it's amazing! I won't have time to fit it this weekend but hopefully an start on it next week sometime!
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I am glad you like my trigger Backspin and I hope you modify him to your satisfaction.
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I am tested today 45° piston sear in my trigger. All what can I say is " it works "​
I also put in standard VSR 45° trigger box, just to make sure it works equally to my 45° conversion S-trigger.​

And conclusion : both 45° trigger work the same.​
If anybody wants this modification I can make it but I think it is awful. After 3 years of using 90° trigger I forgot how bad is this 45° system. Bolt pull back to receiver is terrifying , I think something must be wrong with my 45° piston sear, but standard VSR trigger has exactly the same bolt pull weight.​

I measured power needed to pull bolt back (with trigger pull scale) and here are results :​
  1. S-trigger 45° - 6,5 lb (2,95kg)
  2. VSR10 45° trigger - 6,5lb (2,95kg)
  3. S-trigger 90° - 1lb (0,45kg)

Tested on stock JG spring and piston​


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Ok so I finally got around to installing the s trigger in my m28.
First you have to drill out the mounting holes as mentioned to 5/32". I disassembled the trigger box for the cutting.

Those are in mm. The 13 is from the leading edge (also where the 10mm starts) along the base so when you connect the 10mm and 13mm it's at an angle. It's 9mm tall for the cut.

Now it should look like this

I also trimmed the catch for the bar 10 trigger guard. Then I reassembled the trigger. While I'm at this stage I will point out I'm even more impressed with this trigger! Very little details that were added to the trigger that add a nice touch.

Once everything is trimmed and assembled, before you can drop your trigger guard in, you have to trim two spots

The two bump outs need to be ground flush to the wall. And also taken down all the way to the top of the door plate release button. While I was at it I trimmed a little off the release button too (~1/16")

Once that's trimmed you can reassemble the rifle. Here is some pics of those bump outs after I ground them down.
Trigger at rest

Trigger fully pulled back.

It's hard to see in the pic but I have probably 3/32"- 1/8" clearance between the trigger arm and the release button. As a note if you didn't take enough off the sides, deep enough, you won't be able to fire the weapon. Over all this thing is amazing! I can't wait to get into a game with it!!
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I know this is only a few days after the above post, but Springer, will you be selling modified M28 trigger boxes? I will be purchasing the whole M28 setup from you and Ranger within the next month or two, and I have very little tech abilities in DIY mods.
I will sell triggers modified for M28 , and Ranger will also have few for sale. There will be no needed modification on trigger but you still need to do little modification on trigger guard.
Thats perfectly fine. Thank you.
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