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Custom bull barrel

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Well guys I have done it again
And by that I mean made my wife mad once more

As some of you know or may not have known I bought a jet lathe here a month or so ago. Been working on some projects with my air rifles with it. Got to thinking about how I would rather a G-spec as I love the look of a bull barrel. After a long time looking at them ...... I remembered ... I HAVE A METAL LATHE!

So to the local hard ware store I go. Looking for something that I can use as an outer barrel. Didn't want to bore out a solid billet or anything, as that would cost to much for a lot of scrap. So started looking at some tubing... but none would work or were the right size.

Figured I would stop by and look at something unusual... that is when I stumbled upon a plain Jane shop broom. And what would you know ... the inner diameter is exactly the right size for the hop up chamber for a VSR, and its clone

When I got home with my new purchase I started the project. After a few hours I had made the end cap. It is around 3 inches long and just small enough to press firmly into the "outer barrel". Then came the really fun stuff. Cutting the holes and openings for the screws and mag feed.

After all that was said and done... she started to look like a barrel finally. Figured I would do a custom hop on it as well, so I looked around and started to read on shredders page. Followed his steps and what do you know ... IT WORKS GREAT!!

Went to put the barrel on the receiver and it didn't fit?!?!?! The "barrel" was the right size but I forgot to take into account the threads! Damn!! Now what..... Sitting there I spied some of my electrical tape and gave a few wraps around the end of the barrel and tried. Sure enough it screwed itself onto the receiver and it very very solid on the reviver as well.

Popped everything back into the stock, and I must say that no modding was needed to get it to fit. So that was one less thing that I didn't have to do.

So as I sit here writing this I am waiting for the paint to dry on the ol' gal. I don't know why I wasn't taking pics during the process, but I will get some final pics as well as the barrel and reviver out of the stock for you guys when she is dry.

One tip for all those that don't like the hop up of the VSR... ... toward the bottom of this page you will see what I am talking about ... And i must say that it works great.

*EDIT* here are the pics guys

Got a subtle snake skin look on her. .... looks alot better as well I think.
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The longest part was finding the tube for the barrel... But other than that not to long honestly. I would say around an hour or so for the end cap. Then an hour or so fitting all the parts inside.

Was a really fun project. Just working on differet hop up set ups.
Yeah sounds great. Very impressive, wait so let me get this straight, you used a broom handle. Also, what size lathe did you use?
LOL.... Yes the outter barrel is a broom handle

I have a Jet 9x20 metal lathe. Sitting in my garage as it was to heavy to carry down in my basement. Was worth every penny
If you want pics can put those up as well

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