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Hello all, parts I ordered finally arrived and its time to finally show it off. For this build i went entirely with pdi. The one thing you'll find different with this cam24 is the mars rail. Many people told me it wouldn't fit because the holes didn't line up with that of a vsr-10's rails but it mounted without any modifications what so ever. The fps is somewhere in the high 400's and it can reach out too 250' with .3g Green devil bbs and 270 with bb bastards .36g .

Anyways here is the parts list

pdi palsonite cylinder set vc

pdi hop up chamber

pdi w hold bucking

pdi 510mm 6.05 barrel

6x spacers

v-trigger(does not mount?)

ca m24 trigger modified

pdi aps2 240 spring

pdi sus handle sand blast finish

pdi cs end cap

avalon mars rail

spartan doctrine aps2 silencer adapter

action tank muzzle brake

multicam cheek rest pouch

small harris bpod (dont remember the brand)

leapers 4-16x50mm scope with med mount rings

x5 50rd magazines


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I am sorry cheese man, the review, iv been working on' is still on word because its too long to type in the box it should be ready by the end of today. I am going to post it in a different thread this was just to show off the rifle. sorry if i've mad a mistake in the placement of it.

thanks again for the comments the mars rail was purchased at wcg shop, it was a gambled 70$ but I must say it payed off. the rail along with the muzzle brake gives more of a .338 look to it . I think the next thing well be some rail covers for it and maybe a an peq.
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