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I finished constructing my personal pair of my own field (Woodland) Ghillie Pants.

These took about 3 weeks to complete, and I am still adding the utility pouch thigh pockets.

So basically these are my take on pants that are both durable and comfortable. There are the double layered knees on standard BDU pants, I got in them and added some1/2 thick camping pad foam, as well as taking Gen. 2 Crye Precision kneepads and reinforcing the knee cup area with extra padding. The advantage to these pads are that they are removable and they have the polymer shell as well as hard yet flexible foam.

I will be posting more pictures up of the later prototypes with lots of different pouches, and different features to enhance the comfort and the added storage capacity of these pants.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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