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Custom Ghillie Suits

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Alright, Airsoft Commando is about to begin accepting pre-orders for custom ghillie suits. I won't be making these myself, but another Scout/Sniper will be.

The ghillies will be in the style such as we use for the Scout/Sniper Basic Course. That means they will be three pieces (trousers, blouse, and veil), reinforced areas of canvas, jute (for your typical region), and natural vegetation attachment points.

We'll be accepting orders immediately on a first come first serve basis. PM me with your name, shipping address, and the type of region you typically play in. Suits will be $200 which you can pay with PayPal when you are notified that it's ready for shipping.
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LMAO!!! That is a great pic phridum..

Will be great to see some pics from the Badlands. They are in my neck of the woods as well, well a 5 hour drive but well worth it. Go out there and do some really nice hunting out there

I can vouch for phridum, he is a good guy and will not scew anyone. If he says they are going to be good... then they will be good. When a guy like him says it is going to do something..... well it will do that and probably then some.

Best of luck with the sales bud.
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