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Custom Hopup's

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Well figured I would beat BOB to the punch......

Lets hear all of our LRB design options, or anything else that you may have.....
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Is that a double hop up that I spy?!

I can see the PDI unit working something great with a barrel like that.

And I was thinking about doing just an aluminum block, and have more of a TDC hop chamber. Where the entire sleve is threaded. And having the nub be more of an O-ring, and have a grub screw apply pressure to it from the top.
When you were testing the barrel, what did it do?

I mean what were you going for by doing this build?
And did you get the results that you were expecting?

But like Vindi said........very creative.
What about instead of doing square windows like that.... you use a large grub screw with a soft nub at the end.

You can go to more hardware stores and get a small bucket of "plasti-dip" It is a plastic substance that you can apply to the handles of tools to give it that rubbery grip. You may be able to dip the ends of the grub screws in this, and us that as a nubbing.
That is an awesome way to think of it bob..... but when it comes to the bowling balls, they have a central core that will help the ball rotate in a determined direction. More weight on one side will cause the ball to hook or slice more. But in theory you have it about right.

Now if we could get a bb that would spin along the proper axis while traveling down the barrel. We would be able to get just about an exact spin with each shot, but then again you would probably be talking about $2.00 a shot or more.

There was one thing that may be of interest to people though. Back when we were all young we all had Nerf guns right... Well I had one that was kind of like a baseball pitching machine. Well it wasn't really shooting all that well so my dad wired it up so we could adjust the two wheels to spin at different speeds. With tweeking the speeds we were able to get some insane shots from the build.

I just though of this and was wondering if anyone had and thoughts on this? You would be able to move the wheels up and down and also adjust the speed at which they spin. So if you wanted to shoot to the moon, just crank up the speeds and get the bb spinning. Then pull the trigger, and have the "puff of air" cause the bb to rocket down the barrel. As soon as it hits the end of the barrel you will see the bb shoot sky bound.
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I see what you are going at with the bb and the bowling now.....

Would think it would just need a small motor and a 9v battery ;)
Ahp got it.

But was thinking of just having a spinning wheel at the bottom, and a free rotating wheel at the top. To get the bb through could still use the air to push a small rod through the assembly.
Sweet Sweet!!!

Can't wait to see what you guys end up with.
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