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Custom L96-S o_O

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Built.... well because, we could but mainly for a laugh >:D

It needs the fps brought down as it is going to be used for CQB at a zombie game at Anzio in England.

From initial testing it is able to hit a head sized target at 30M with everything still stock just the barrel cut short (175mm as far as I recall) built by me and Stonertdac.
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WOW that is short. Once I finish my your going to laugh a heck lot more. Hello Kitty L96 AWAY!!!
I have done a few builds like that before :D And i honestly really like them, as they are a breeze to carry around the field.
I like the idea

Hello Kitty L96 Short ? Do it now !!!
That thing would be great at a mount site.
What's the finish on the bolt handle/receiver, what's the colour called (paint code)?
Short AND hello kitty o_O the other players would just leave on the account of it's awesomeness :p
Woogie I agree it is great to carry round not much lighter but much more manoeuvrable. What kind of range/accuracy were you getting with yours?

The paint is just the standard colour of a cheapy well/unknown clone might just be the phone camera showing the colours up a bit weird.

This is a joint owned/ built rifle so will be used by both of us, upgraded and tuned as and when spare funds are available, but am going to go and build myself one but perhaps just a touch longer. :tup:
I was able to get around 200' fairly easily.

Just play with your hop up a bit, and spend most of your time there.
That's nice! If I were to make a stubby it would have to be a VSR though because they're so light and maneuverable!
I like it; always have loved the short barreled rifles..
What bipod is that?
What Flash hider is that? Looks really good.
Great work! I would also like to know what flash hider that is because it simply looks awesome.
Short Hello Kitty L96. I`m with Grass. Challenge Accepted. I just facepalmed and noticed that what my science club tshirt says... Okay so cut the barrel insanly short. Add a PDI hopup and like madbull or something cheap barrel and UTG upgrade kit and stock full metal trigger box. Cheap cool setup lol.
The flashhider is a stripped out stubby suppressor from an AGM stubby M4 just took the insides out and used electrical tape to seat it on the outer barrel :) Our club bought loads as started hire guns for the site we had and sold off the suppressors.
bipod is standard cheapy well
the whole project including gun cost £75 ($117)
Pretty neat, do you have any upgrades on that? What kind of BB's do you use?
It is all totally stock just cut down to size :D gonna start with the diy mods as soon as I have fixed my other rifle.
I am using .36 madbulls for the time being.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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