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Custom steel for the Tanaka M24 c:

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Now I'm very proud to say that this is my best custom work yet LOLOLOL

This was a test to my craziness and how far I was willing to take it.

I used nice A36 carbon steel to make this parts and tempered it for maximum strenght and durabillity, also they are oil treated to make the metal absove the oil deep inside the metal and finished on the black oxide coating.

Here are some pictures of the parts I've made so far and there are more to come. Now this parts ware made with a lot of love and defenitely have part of my soul in it along with blood and sweat.

Here is on the left the aluminum/zinc "pot metal" to be replaced by the steel on the right.
Bare metal parts are ready for treatment and finishing.

Here is the pic sideways with out flash.

Now here are the steel parts alone.

Here they are finished and ready to ship.

Notice the large interchangeable aluminum knob on the handle so it screw's right in or out if you plan on changing it I can make any design you fit best like on call. That one was my own design.

All this parts are handcrafted with high precision. Yes a lot of filing involved.
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Now, me being me... What would this amazing set cost me? C:
WHy wont the pics show?
How much for the bolt handle in all black? I must have one!
how was the performance when the parts were installed sir?very cool productions sir
Amazing job... Give us please the prices..!
I bet many are interested, me included!

Well for the bolt handle $140 and the whole set like on the pictures $280 Not to shaby huh for being hand crafted with the treated carbon steel.
I noticed all the edges and corners are bigger and sharper. What exactly did that do? I know nothing about the internals of said gun by the way. They look really nice and I'm sure it was a labor of love.
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sweet looking kit;how did the rifle perform after the cool parts were installed?
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sweet looking kit;how did the rifle perform after the cool parts were installed?
It was tough to make but I love the challenges and seing how far I can take this and yes I tested them personaly and fitted it perfectly and shot tested. I had an issue ones when I made the first set because I didn't have the gun in hand that it was for so this is why from now on I have been using the rifle in hand to make and fit the custom parts and ship it installed and tested to ensure it funtions flawlessly.

I only use the best and hardest steel to make this parts to ensure durability and I just like the best of the best for my self so I give it to all custom orders I take and to be hones I dont charge as people say I should for the work and materials used but Is my hobby and I love giving the best to people who appreciate airsoft as I do :)

If you all need any part made for any gun rare or not just hit me up on my personal email.. maddog170 @ hot and I'll be glad to make the custom parts for your guns.
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Really like that bolt handle! Great work man!
I think some VSR people would be really happy to get some custom bolthandles.
I certainly would be really happy to get one for my VSR! ;D

Looks really good man, looks like you're going to get a good grip on that handle for sure!
Same! The PDI one ais well-overpriced and the Laylax one is a bit boring.
Thanks guys! Yeah I can make any bolt handle you might like and also I could mek e them for the VSR's and so on.
do you have photos of the parts installed sir?nice parts indeed :)
Thanks man, I'll upload some video and pics when I finish the new one I'm working on right now and shoot it I say about a couple weeks becaause I'm making a fiberglass M40 stock and I'm making a good mold so I could make this for anyone interested :D
WTF is up with the patches propaganda on my postings!?!
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hello you have some sample pics of the m40 stock that you made?
Havent made it yet, still working on the parts but will do post up ones is done.
nice one sir :) will be waiting for the actual pics of the m40 stock :)
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