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cutting inner barrel windows for er hop

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This is specifically directed at cheeseman really but I imagine this could be good information for anyone who wants to do a ER hop up.

How do you go about extending the windows of the inner barrel?
My friends idea and mine was to use the grinder which we use to neck back endmills and things of that nature to extend the window. The only problem with that is that they have since changed the handle so it no longer will accept anything longer then 5inches. We could probably ask to have it changed back for a few hours but it would probably require someone else with the knowledge of doing so.

The other idea is to make a fixture and manually take a endmill in the machine and cut the window further. Although we have no ideas on what to make the fixture look like since depending on the barrel it may be hard to clamp it without screwing up the inner diameter.

I'm avoiding cutting the window with a dremel since i have access to a 3 axis machine, grinder, and lathe.

Any help from the people who actually cut their ER hop windows correctly? XD
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Just use a small flat file.

This way you don't have to worry about over cutting, or messing up the barrel. The file you will be able to take very small amounts off of the barrel.
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