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So hi guys. Time has come I may have told some people but I decided to make a Spring Famas review. This is for fun. But I have took my time and effort to do it so nothing rude please.
Remember I am selling this rifle in the commerce for 30 dollars.

Ok lets start this off.
Intro of myself.
Some of you may know me. I am very active on this forum. But hi I am Nelson. I know short intro.

Famas history.
This is wikipedia talking so. I give all rights to wikipedia.
"The FAMAS (French: Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-?tienne or "Assault rifle of the Saint-?tienne weapon factory") is a bullpup-styled assault rifle designed and manufactured in France by MAS located in Saint-?tienne, which is now a member of the French government-owned Nexter group. It is the service rifle of the French military."

Famas G2 which is what the cybergun FAMAS is.
Also from wiki. They have all rights.
"The FAMAS G2 was developed circa 1994 to bring the rifle more in compliance with NATO standards by having tighter rifling and accepting standard NATO magazines, but also included several other upgrades taken from the G1 model, such as the enlarged trigger guard and improved hand guards made of fiber glass, rather than plastics like on the F1. The French Navy purchased the FAMAS G2 in 1995, and began distributing it to the Fusiliers Marins and Commandos Marine, but the French Army has held off large scale purchase of the G2 to date, and the FAMAS F1 still remains the primary service rifle of the French Army and French Foreign Legion."

Ok some real French soldiers with the Famas G2.

Ok time to go to the gun.

Lets start off with feel.
This gun is very comfortable. The gun is made out of a nice plastic. Although I wouldn`t bet my money it could survive a drop. The gun has some seams but aren`t that bad. The gun weighs like a measly 3 pounds. The cocking action lever is nice too. Gives a nice grip to your hand.

Ok the things that make the most sounds are when you cock the gun. You get this scratchy sound when you pull the charging handle back. Besides that it is nice and somewhat quiet. Makes a little pop sound when it is fired.

Ok when firing the gun. It seems like a pain because the charger handle is in a weird spot. But it not very weird. Actually comfortable. I know that was repetitive. When you fire it. It may seem loud to you but it not that loud. The reason for that is it is a bullpup. The springs and internal are right next to your ears. The cheek rest is also very nice. It feels nice and comfortable when you put your cheek next to it. When I hold the gun I hold the trigger guard like if it was a fore grip. Which feels really nice.

Externals.( Similar to feel.)
Okay build quality.Here I will list the plastic and metal parts.
The screws and nuts.
Remeber I am not including internals.
The gun.
The stock
The carry handle
Magazine.(Hopefully you know what it is.It holds the bullets XP)
Charging handle
Rubber parts. I know very random
The front iron sight.
Butt of the gun.
Seam lines are visible but are still comfortable.
The magazine has a interesting way to put it in.
But you can learn how to do it easily.

Besides that the gun looks very nice if you are into bullpup rifles and the FAMAS.

I have also painted my Red tiger.
Here is the picture.

Lets move to internals.

Okay of course this is a springer gun.
So it has like a clam shell body.
It has alot of screws I mean ALOT.
Takes a while to take it apart.

When opening my gun I hit my first problem. I couldn`t open it all the way. The pistol grip I think is glued in. Weird huh?

So I had to keep the stock open with the lead weight in the stock.

Oh yes the gun comes with 3 lead weights.

The gun real working part.
The piston is fully plastic. It has a piston cup looks exactly like a L96 and is also detachable. When I open the gun and took out the piston I noticed a small metal ball bearing in it. My question How the f**K did it get there.

Lets move to the cylinder. the cylinder is one piece and has its own nozzle. When I took out the cylinder I noticed it had dirt on the inside and on the outside where if there was a piston head would be. After cleaning it out I put the piston in and tested compression. I had a wtf moment when I had a perfect seal. A 40 dollar spring gun has a perfect air seal. How do I know I have a perfect air seal simple. Close the air nozzle with your finger and put the piston in and push it in if it stops halfway and won`t go anyway.

I also had a interesting discovery with this gun. It can take AEG springs. Currently I put a m100 spring in there. I am so tempted to put a m150 spring in there but I doubt the piston catch will survive one shot.

Another interesting fact is the rod that connects to the charger handle is steady. Actually it is not a rod more like this rectangle brick thing. It seems very sturdy and rides on rails like the piston rails but of course not on the piston rails.

So lets move to the reality test.
Ok the gun can take AEG springs a plus.

Lets go to accuracy test.
This test is at 65 feet using .25 Don`t ask me why I use .25 probably too heavy.

Fps Test. I really don`t know. I just installed a new spring. Before it shot 300 fps with .2 I would guess now it would shoot 320 or more.

Accuracy wise. I got to fix the hopup. But It shoots 100 feet before lose all sense of accuracy so I would say not the best for field. I would use it as a secondary for cqb.

So that was my review on the Famas. More pics. Will be up for internals or if you want to request some more pics just ask.
So tell me what you think of my review. Remember check the commerce I am selling it right now for 21 dollars.
Okay well good day or good night to all of you guys.

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From the Rifle Review Guidlines
"-These rifles include Bolt Action or Semi-Automatic Airsoft Rifles, Clone or Real, Gas, AEG, and Spring. No Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, or Assault Rifles."

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It's not about what I want, it's about following the rules so ask a mod about it.

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Dude I like the review it was funny. Although it is a FAMAS replica it still is technically a bolt-action springer in function although it is an AR in form. I defend the review, if it doesn't belong in this section allow it to be moved to the lounge or general board for its comedic value of a serious review on a not so serious replica.

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It's not a bolt action at all. It's spring cocked. If he wants it to be moved to The Lounge, then I don't care. But for god's sake this is a SNIPER forum, not a walmart gun website.

"Sure if I get 3 people that want me to take down I will. So far I got 1"
It's not about me wanting you to take it down, it's about you following the rules. It's a SNIPER forum.

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Ok I got 2 options. Move it or delete it. Or if the mods like it keep it here. Son or Odin. I didn`t get it at Walmart and they don`t sell it at Walmart. I got it at Evike.=) A step up from Walmart I am sure.

The reason I put this up is because I would be fun too and also I put alot of time and effort in it so the least you can do is enjoy it.

Also to anyone reading it. I know I still got to put the piston and internal pictures.
Still amazes me that a 30 dollar gun has a perfect airseal.

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Then for making fun of my review guys. But It was intended for fun and my research on it was interesting.
To Fuzzy. Thanks for moving it.

I just going to start calling you grass it takes too long. My theory for why it has a perfect airseal is the lack of a cylinder head. But I know there still ways out. But it is amazing why it has a perfect airseal.

Just making sure to find the airseal you put your finger over the air nozzle and push the piston and if it stops like halfway it means it has a perfect airseal? ( If it won`t move forward anymore)

To cerbo basically I was getting trolled and then the mod decided to give me 8 mill karma. Read my signature.

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No one was making fun of your review. I personally don't care if your review is in the lounge, where it belongs. In fact I actually find it mildly humorous that you reviewed it, but it does not belong in the rifle review section. And stop whining all the time.
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