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cylinder question

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I am putting an SPR kit on my M4. I am just curious. If I put an M16 cylinder in my M4/SPR would it be OK?
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So long as you have an extended inner barrel (ie. Longer than 369mm).
Both the M4 & M16 cylinders are the same, so no need to worry....Here is the date.....

M4 Cylinder: 71.94mm Length, O.D. 25.40mm, I.D. 23.77mm
M16 Cylinder: 71.94mm Lenght, O.D. 25.41mm, I.D. 23.83mm

Both cylinder cam from CA rifles, so as you can see the numbers are about the same.. A bore up cylinder would show diffrent numbers. All numbers done with a Mitutoyo 6" digital caliper.

Also check out the gallery area, you should see my SPR, I built that from a ICS M4 Car-97 and with the M102 spring I get great range and power with it...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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