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Cylinder repair

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I have a UTG L96, with a metal trigger box, and a laylax piston and spring guide. With these hardy internals, I decided to upgrade my spring as well, to a PDI SS 3000 Spring. A combination of the spring power and repeated use has resulted in a problem- the section of the cylinder that attaches to the bolt handle has physically been pulled out of the cylinder body. Short of taking the $150 dive for a new one, does anyone know of some DIY fixes that could fix this puppy?
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Pictures would help anyone trying to understand your problem.
You could try drill and taping some set screws around the cylinder or call in a friend that can tig weld. Have you looked around for another stock cylinder? Some of the guys here have had luck annoying the piss out of Leapers for UTG stuff.
Im currently trying J.B weld to fix the problem. But if it breaks and explodes in my face ill be sure to post pictures. Wish me luck! In goes the spring...
Well that didnt take long. Heres what it looks like;
Arragh now jaysus. That is generally welded on isn't it? BTW it isn't $150 for a new one. You an get one for like 60 dollars from x fire airsoft parts (PDI raven - black)
No welds.... they are crimped on the end.

You could always try and contact leapers, though if you are pushing that large of a spring, it is going to do the same thing as well.

I would suggest getting an upgraded cylinder, and not have to worry about it.
Yeah, you are going to have to run by a local welding school or machine shop and have it done. The school will be cheaper. Just talk the the professor, ask if a student could tig it for you, and pitch him $20 and tell them both thank you. I agree with the above comments, limping your current cylinder along is only going to result in you needing to buy a nicer one eventually.
The cylinder cap is pot metal. it won't do you any good to try welding it.

You'll want to look into an upgrade cylinder.
I was thinking of the PDI one, They are laser welded.
If something has ever gone even near a laser in the factory, it's price rises by around 70-120%.
I know, i just bit the bullet and paid $150 for a new one....
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