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Cylinders and Barrels?

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About 15mins ago I saw a thread that was talking about Cylinder length compared to Barrel length, I'm going to ask you guys because theres no one on AO that has as much experience with Spring rifles as you guys do.


jist of conversation: The larger or shorter the barrel in you gun, the larger or shorter the cylinder should be in the gun too. They stated that this should match(509mm barrel to M16 cylinder).

my Q: Does this not also apply to spring rifles? If it does what are the appropriate lengths for the barrels with the stock cylinders? And finally, Would a bore up cylinder be needed instead of a larger cylinder(I just saw these boreup cylingers on UN company I think).

Thanks guys, I dont even know if this applies to spring rifles.

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Well first of all yes, the cylinder displacement to barrel length ratio does effect your velocity. If you have a standard V2 AEG cylinder with say a 650mm barrel, there will be something called "barrel suck" where you will actually lose velocity.

As for spring rifles specifically, you shouldn't have to worry about barrel suck because in a spring bolt action gun the cylinder is rather large to begin with and it'd take a HUGE barrel to produce barrel suck. As far as I'm aware of, you can't buy a 'larger' cylinder for any bolt action currently on the market. A link to what you're talking about on UNcompany would be nice.

In conclusion, if you're worried about this problem and you have a spring bolt action rifle.. don't. You'll be okay because of your large bolt action cylinder. That's actually why we can reach such high velocities with our guns, we have a lot more air to push the bb with(also thanks to our strong springs).

The basic equation is that if your barrel's displacement is larger than your cylinder's displacement then you'll have a problem.
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Don't you hat that!? I have one too and I always find myself needing to copy and paste.

Anyway, you're welcome and if there's anything else you need just let us know!
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