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Cyma cm.700 m40a3 upgrades

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Hi there,
Hope all well and safe In this crazy world we live in at the moment !!!

If u don't mind and have the time, I would be very grateful !!!

I've got a cyma cm.700 (500fps-stock) I'm trying to upgrade it !!!

I've got the airsoftpro upgrade grade kit:
Airsoftpro m60 spring
Airsoftpro steal cylinder
Airsoftpro 5.1 trigger unit
Airsoftpro piston and spring guide
80 maple leaf bucking

What I don't know and need ur help with is

1. Trigger arm ( is there one that would with pro 5.1)
2. cylinder head ( can't find)
3. Hop up nib (I'm not sure what will fit)
4. Hop up adjuster and Hop chamber (is there any that would work with out to much modding)
5. Barrel (I think I need 6.01 / 455mm Aeg Barrel but not sure)
6. Inner barrel spacers (not sure which to get)
7. Would love to find the T.M M40a5 forward barrel mount that goes over the barrel at the end of the stock !!!
8. I've heard of a mod where you stick the two up chamber arms together (I'm not sure why or what the outcome would be ???)

Any help or advice on up grades or any thing else would be greatly appreciated !!!

Cheers loads from Dee from Bournemouth England !!!
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A friend sent me a few years ago to fix the crooked cylinder head.
I've asked 4 friends to search and we found the replacement part in a shop in Spain iirc.
After that I tell everyone to stay away from this gun.

This cylinder head should work: Cylinder Head
For the nub: hGood DIY Nub Guide
Hopup chamber: Hopup Chamber Personally I would recommend doing a tdc mod.
For the inner barrel spacers you can just diy them out of tape.
8. I've heard of a mod where you stick the two up chamber arms together (I'm not sure why or what the outcome would be ???)
The Stock hopup chamber has 2 arms. This is theoretically so you can adjust left/right curving. In reality this is kinda bad. It is more convenient to simply stick the 2 arms together. This remains a poor solution since you still have to adjust both screws.
Airsoftpro m60 spring
M160 you mean? This might be a little overpowered for the UK-
Font Sky Electric blue Automotive exterior Magenta

I assume you are here. I use an m150 in my VSR. In case you did not know, the number tells you the M/S that the BB goes (theoretically) , and no site will let you play with over 500 fps.
You may want to trim the spring slightly- though I would chrono the gun before trying this just in case it is going at the appropriate FPS anyway.
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