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the CYMA is a decent M14 base.
but will require a lot of internal upgrades and tweeking.

if you just save up for the TM...
you are looking at just a spring, bucking, and barrel as first upgrades.

believe it or not its cheaper to go the TM route. and easier too..

as for length... the standard inner barrel is 500mm that is 1/2" short of the flash hider on the SOCOM... so if you want a longer inner barrel you have to buy the full M14 version and with that you can extend your inner barrel to 550mm.

on the long version the flash hider is a negative 14mm thread (counter-clockwise) so attaching a suppressor is very easy. on some SOCOMs the flash hider is milled into the outer barrel... so you are not able to use a suppressor with it.. unless you can find a compatible QD style.

hope that helps.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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