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CYMA socom m14 battery physical size

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Hi, new here, posted intro. Have a cyma m14 project on the way, but not physically in hand. I plan a major build, including a 11.1 Lipo and mosfet. But being as im impatient, im ordering mod parts before it’s even here. What is the largest physical size battery anybody has shoved into the stock? With or without modifying? I searched but everything came back about electrical size not physical. Thanks
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I don't have a m14 on hand to measure for you. I can say a friend used to have a g&g full wood m14 (so gonna be much tighter than your plastic body) and from what I recall a 'mini' nimh setup fit.

Translating the old speak to the new lipo days: I'd expect any battery around ROAR 2S (I think that's whats run in 1:10 buggy - not at home to measure) pack size to fit. Obviously you'll want 3S but that should give you something to Google for actual measurements.

Airsoft folks tend to run relatively weak batteries vs the RC folks - the one exception being Dual sector gear monsters (save that for a lil boi SMG - not really suitable for big boi DMR).
Example: my SVU at 2.8? J will go through 1000rds easily on a 1300mah 3S without any issue or loss of performance. (Like 75%+ power still remaining)

So you can safely go for a small 1000-2000mah 3s lipo and have enough spare room in the stock for.... I dunno... A few spare 10mm wrenches?
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