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So here is my rifle minus some burlap at the moment.


Maruzen APS2 SV

laylax/First Factory,

Teflon Cylinder
Tapered Cylinder Head
3 Element Piston
9mm Bearing Spring Guide
PSS2 150SP Spring = 545 FPS w/ .20 toytec's 400 FPS w/.43 Straight
Zero Trigger
Aero Chamber
Barrel Spacers
Steel Bolt Handle
Barrel Adaptor


Piston Head


6.03mm x 455mm Inner Barrel
Soft Type Bucking (Purple)


3x9x40 mil-dot Rifle Scope on CCA Rings

KM Head

Light Weight LW290mm Barrel Extention ;) (not shown) *mission specific*

Rifle is amazing and very accurate. 80M-90M range w/Straight .43's all day long.

My stock cylinder set with a PSS2 120SP spring shoots 435 FPS w/ .20 toytec's. I use SGM .29's with this cylinder and have great results out to about 65M.

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Love it. I am a big fan of the Maruzen APS2, and the paintjob looks great. The scope and rings really looks nice, and adds a good touch.

If you could, get some pictures of some burlap on there, and get some field shots of it in the tall grass or something. Would love to see how it blends.
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