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Hello Guys! Darkn3ss here, I've been playing Airsoft regularly for the past year and have now formed a team consisting of 10 regular players. I have pretty good experience modding and using AEG's, but with the team now looking into Milsim, I've decided to become the team's sniper and learn more about sniper rifle modding to pass the knowledge down to the team!

I've been reading posts around in the Forum for about a month now and I've just gotten myself a stock JG Bar-10 which I plan to upgrade to its full potential!

I really appreciate the work and dedication that guy's like Reliku and 1tonne have put into this Forum so that newbies into sniping (like me) can join the sniping master race with ease! :D Thanks in advance guys!

Ya'll can count that in the future, after I've gained personal knowledge in the area, I'll be posting my own onions and hopefully helping others with their own builds!

Thanks guys for building and maintaining this awesome community! :shot:
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