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Dboys Full Metal CQB-R, PEQ-15, Suppressor

So I am wanting to get rid of this gun for a nice sniper platform. I am wanting a spring powered sniper rifle, or I will accept $190 via Paypal for this weapon.

Dboys MK18 Mod 0 (CQB-R)

Internal wise I haven't really touched this gun. Only thing I did was a spring change, to drop the FPS to sub 350. It should be running at 330-350 FPS.

Full Metal Body
Troy Flip Up Sight
Crane Stock
Sturdy as hell

I also did a paintjob on this to make it more universal. Using rustoleum camouflage colors, I did a khaki base, with overlay snakeskin of OD and Earth Brown.

Only had this gun for a month, and have fielded it once. Accuracy isn't the best in field, but this would make for a great CQB rifle.

What's Included:
3 P-Mags
Metal Flashider
Old Spring (400-420 FPS)


Pro&T PEQ-15 (FDE with snakeskin)
-Working Light & laser
-Red Laser

$35 picked up
$40 shipped


Aluminum Suppressor
-This is a hollow aluminum suppressor that I had made.
-Textured twist off area
-Negative 14mm Threads

Hollow but can come with the the foam and plastic chambers which reduce
the sound.

$25 picked up
$30 shipped
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