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DBoys MK12 Mod 1

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Hey guys, I'm getting a DBoys MK12 Mod 1 in a trade and I want to upgrade this rifle to it's fully ability internally. Right now these are to parts inside the gun. What should I replace or get new of to increase the range and power? Really appreciate the advice and help.

Madbull Black Python V2 Tightbore
PDI 170% spring
Systema Area1000 Piston head
Systema Area 1000 Spring guide
Systema Shims
Systema Bushings
TM? Trigger
Systema Hopup Chamber
Deepfire Hopup bucking
CA Hi-torque motor
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This is the Mod 0 I built last year, have a quick read....

But to be able to give you any real advise I'll need to know more, like barrel length and what fps you want from it?

I've also just done a guide to building DMRs so it might be worth reading that to see if there is anything there that you can do to help you achieve what you are after ;)

In the mean time, the motor is good, it is after all what powers both my EBR Mk14 and SOC16, you should have no worries with the Systema gear either.
Have a good long read of my Holy Grail of DMR building all the relavent info is in there to get you where you need to be, all of it is DIY stuff depending on your skill, and makes a hell of a lot of difference to your groupings ;)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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