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DBoys MK12 Mod 1

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Hey guys, I'm getting a DBoys MK12 Mod 1 in a trade and I want to upgrade this rifle to it's fully ability internally. Right now these are to parts inside the gun. What should I replace or get new of to increase the range and power? Really appreciate the advice and help.

Madbull Black Python V2 Tightbore
PDI 170% spring
Systema Area1000 Piston head
Systema Area 1000 Spring guide
Systema Shims
Systema Bushings
TM? Trigger
Systema Hopup Chamber
Deepfire Hopup bucking
CA Hi-torque motor
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O.k. it is a 6.03 590mm barrel. I'm really looking to get the into the mid to high 400 or whatever you think would be the best to get great range. I am going to however mod it so it fires semi only so I will never be firing it in full auto. So, I should be good with the Systema Gear and the CA Motor? Thanks.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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