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Deacons M24

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What's up Guys. This is the last Airsoft gun I'll ever purchase or own:

I recently just finished the bulk of work on it:

Javelin M24 base gun
Karsten Adjustable Cheek Riser Type A
Avalon MARS Rail
Leupold Mk4 Replica
Harris bi-pod replica
Falcon Adaptor and thread cap
PDI 9mm spring guide
PDI 300% Spring
PDI Hop Up unit (Custom Fitted)
PDI Vacuum piston
Deepfire 6.02 TBB
Prometheus hard type bucking
Teflon taped cylinder head and bucking
Home made barrel spacers
Shimmed trigger unit and hop up.
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Daaaaaamn! Thats a very nice rifle buddy, and I love the Mars rail! I was actually considering getting one someday. Does it add much weight?
Sweet looking rifle...! It reminds me LeStath from ASF M24 though.

I don't really know who LeStath is. The last time I was on ASF was years ago! Is that a good thing?

Also: The MARS Rail is actually extremely light. The only real weight is the behemoth scope.
Hahaha, I can imagine that scope being heavy.. When I get on the field, I take my bipod off to make it lighter and so it wont snag on everything. I love the style of your rifle, I dig the M24 style stocks.
Looks really good. A night vision up from would look cool. Just a thought.
Yea that is pretty close! Too much vegetation for me but looks good none the less!

The M24's weight is actually pretty well balanced. It just feels like a fat man sitting on the rail. I do have a short dot I can use but I prefer the magnification of the mk4.

And I'll take the night vision if you'd like to buy it for me!
Pretty sweet looking rifle you got there.. ;)


With short dot, post paint, pre-tacticool look.
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Do you take trades? I have my soul to offer?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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