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Decision Again.=(

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So Hi forum I`m back Mr.Confused about everything.
I am deciding to sell all of my gun. I know you don`t want to know that so lets continue.
Which should I get again
G&P M16VN By now you should all know what it is.
Some Systema Compression parts. Such as cylinder head and air nozzle
Guarder Full Cylinder
A Madbull 6.03 455mm Because I heard that is the magic number.(correct me if I am wrong.)
A systema hop up bucking. A echo 1 H nub. I`ll get a SCS nub if I don`t like it.
A Azuimuth piston(blue piston thingy)
A Aim silent piston head
M125 spring
Yes I know a carry handle scope mount.

Here is my other option. I like it because of Profalconey
A&K Svd $138
Steel piston catch or sear. 30 dollars
A piston that uses aeg piston heads.(30) 9d6284110
A madbull 6.03 590mm tightbore.
A Guarder Black 70 bucking.
A side scope mount. ( Comment if you know what scope mounts fit and which don`t)
A Tasco 3-9x 30 supply by Walmart.
A polishing resin(Got to go find one)
A Drill to drill the hop up to prevent double feeding.
M170 Spring
25 percent off. For some items because of Black Friday soon to come.
Same with M16 up there.

Thank you for reading this. I know it is a pain to read.
Anything to add feel free.

Forgot to add I am going for range and accuracy. ROF doesn't matter. I will have support gunners. I just need to hit the guy before I get into his/her range. Hencing it is a standard aeg and not a counter sniper.
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Ok so can you zero in your scope or no. Sounds stupid but I had a scope mount that was way to high and I couldnt zero in my scope I had to look at the very bottom of my scope to see where it would shoot. Oh yeah If anyone has any info on the SVD please post. Yes I have read the other post in Other snipers. Thats where I got my links. Well some
Nah to expensive. But I`m gonna ask the question again. Do you like the dragonuv. For what reason and why. Do you have any upgrades in it. And the main question Should I get the SVD or the G&P m16
Thank you metallica brightens my day up. Im just gonna get a non russian sope and then save up for a posp. But back to my question G&P m16 or SVD
Thank you inthetallgrass I will get the worst gun that is living. Never mind this thread is dead.
Ok thanks for trolling me XD. I like how I dropped 4 karma in like 2 days. I love you guys <:D.
Ok I guess I might go with the G&P. BTW I think RS stop making their SVD. Heard they will come back soon. So I`m gonna but in again and ask this.
If you could have a choice of either the G&P m16vn.
Or you could take the ICS m16 sportline.
Your goal is to get to 500 fps or just to reach 250 feet as max range. While 200 or more could be ouch what was that.
If you took the G&P you would have 200 dollars to upgrade and run around with.
If you got the ICS you would get 280 dollars to play with.
What upgrades would you do. Listing would be nice. Trolling me and smiting me would make me sad =(
Or if you said screw Nelson just get a RS SVD. I`ll just say I don`t have the money and time to afford it. I got a 24 op to plan for.
So this is what I am guess this is what you want me to do.
Get a Madbull 6.03 509 barrel for 30 dollars.
Then get a Like a umm Guarder Black. 70%
Get a JG motor or just steal my friend=). Maybe steal my Mp5 CA high torque motor.
Get a m150 or m140 spring.
Get some SHS gears from Ebay maybe 30 dollars to.
Get either a Aim full metal teeth piston 20 dollars or the Matrix version Azimuth piston 22 dollars.
Then find a Dual O ring piston head I guess 20 dollars too.
Find a POM oring nozzle Umm 10 dollars maybe more?
Get some silly putty 2 dollars.
Get some JB Weld maybe 8 dollars.
Get a bayonet because it is a vietnam gun. 10 dollars
Get a carry handle scope mount. 10 dollars
Get a COD Invention Scope which like weighs 7 pounds. Am I crazy. I`m not paying for that.
Get a Evike 3-9x 40 scope with scope rings for 35 dollars.
Sit in line for evike black friday thing. 3 days. I not gonna wait in that I just gonna have them ship to my house.
Minus 70 with Evike 25 percent off on Black friday.
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Oh yeah so about this. But Daniel where do you find a Dual oring piston head.
If I were to scrap the Carryhandle it would be a pretty nam and I could just get the A3 version. But I am viet so I want a viet era gun. Just got to change that ugly flashhider to 3 prong.
Are The JG high torque good enough to pull a m150 spring?
Are you sure I should run a 455 I know it is the magic number. But I think just a madbull 509 is good.
Battery wise I think I have to run a 9.6 or a 11.1 lipo or a 7.4 lipo.
I would just put some putty on anyways.
That piston head set looks really nice.
Would this be handy or should I drop it.
And Yeah so.
Ok so this is what I ll might start off with.
G&P m16 280
Carry handle mount 10
Scope 35
Madbull Barrel 30
m125 spring or m130 just to get it to 450 fps and hopefully a G&P m120 can pull that.
9.6 or a 11.1 most likely lipo 10 dollars
pair of deans 3 dollars.
Hop up bucking 7 dollars.
A pcs nub 5
Evike 25 percent off everything yay.

Second order
Shs gear piston and you know
JG motor.
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K thanks. I might buy it soon. I actually might make 800 dollars by selling some guns soon. So theres a bonus.
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