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There is no difference in the vsr models once you start to upgrade. its mainly looks.
I would always pick the g-spec over the pro sniper though.

With the g-spec you get the silencer that actually works even with a 430 barrel attached,then theres the bull barrel which make it easier to fit and have more barrel spacers. Some people also prefer the bolt handle from the g-spec but that doesn't make much difference to me.

The aps2 is also not a bad rifle, back in the day it was the only bolt action that you would see on the field bar a few tanaka's many.
Upgrade parts are a bit more expensive and there are less of them nowadays ,as I believe they stopped production of the rifle a few years ago.

You need to get either the SV or EX models as the other doesn't have hop.
The EX has adjustable hop and the SV a fixed hop which I always preferred.
PDI still make a lot of parts for the aps models.

There not bad rifles and preform very well when tuned properly,but the bolt handle bar on the rear of the cylinder had a tendency to snap with use when running high fps set ups after a while which can be costly in the long run
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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