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mav3r1ck said:
I haven't but there is an idea that I just might try! It would be no different in feeling than running a pistol lanyard!!! You Sir, are a brilliant man!!! (When I get the money I will be modding a mag for my M9 PTP and will let you know how it turns out)
People have tried to rig HPA for pistols, not that hard but it would be a pain to have a reg set up for that...

And as far as using a PTP... I have a M9PTP and I wouldn't run HPA. 3000+ rounds, 150ft. with 0.3s on red gas (or off a fresh green gas mag)... it does fine stock. Even the red gas has knocked off the mock loaded chamber indicator and one of the safety switches (on the non-firing side, still functional). If you do run HPA that'll be 2 regs, if you run a gas primary thats 4 regs or a really complicated hose system with a big tank.

If you run CO2 all it would take is one power spike and you'll probably blow your slide off or at the very least damage it beyond repair (since it is a metal slide). Not worth it IMO...

As a side note though, if KWA did make a CO2 mag with a fixed reg in it for the PTP I would be on that like white on rice. Since assuming KWA parts + KWA gun = warranty
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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