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Demelitia from the UK. Hello!

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Name: Brian

Callsign: Demelitia

3 years airsofting to date. Hopefully many more to come.

ICS m16 (mk12 mod1-alike).
KWA m4.
Mp5 Frankengun custom(ish) build.
Cyma m14 socom, important bits replaced with TM parts.
Well MB06/ echo1 ASR / CYMA m187 (depending on where you live) with PDI/ Prometheus upgrades.

No specific sniper camo as of yet as I have only just taken the brave leap into purchasing a spring sniper rifle after roughly a year of trying to decide which one to get. ( this was followed by an impulse buy :/ )

Outside of skirmishing I like to keep fit and active in any way I can, hang out with friends, kick back and have a few beers. Everything you would expect from a 22 year old really.

Place of residence: at the minute the answer 'at work' is more truthful. Otherwise Yorkshire, England is the usual answer.

Reasons for registering on these forums? Other than the obvious ones of this being one of the few places I can go to for decent information and discussion without 'what am bestest gun?' threads popping up everywhere, I would also like to try and help people out in any way I can. I have been reading these forums for a good 4 months now and I feel it's time I started giving something back.
Even though I have only just bought my first spring sniper rifle, I have already had 3-4 in pieces to fix/ upgrade for other people as well as countless AEG's (with a fair amount of success I'm pleased to add). My reputation for thinking outside of the box and voracious appetite for solving problems means I'm often a 'go to guy'.
I also have a creative ( some say crazy ) streak a mile wide, for instance I'm currently looking into replacing my mb06's stock with a side folding on, a-la LR300 using an AK-m4 stock bracket.
Over the next few months I intend to document my experiences with my MB06 and the upgrades I've added to it. Its a slightly more elusive gun information wise in comparison to some others so I'm looking to keep creating discussion on it. Any questions about the guns I have are more than welcome, as are any other subjects. I look forward to becoming useful member of the community.

Demelitia, out!
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Sounds a lot like woogie.

Welcome to the boards, glad that you finally made an account. Looking forward to your input on the boards.

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