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While the F which generated 150m/s might be the same for an AEG and VSR spring, the k and x is dramatically different to arrive at that number. This is because VSR springs are much longer in length than typical AEG springs, and therefore displacement is different. A VSR spring compressed down to an AEG length would generate you ALOT more than 150m/s. So you're comparing apples and oranges. When they give you the 150m/s value (force), they are assuming the displacement typically associated with their respective platforms
I have a 120m/s spring for an AEG and it generate 0.75j (I have a 22mm of airbrake in my Striker AS-02): if I'll take a 120 m/s spring for a VSR it will generate much energy? If yes how muchis the difference for you(techincally)?
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