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Differences in a M24

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Hey guys,

I've been looking around the forum and I was wondering if anyone had done a side by side comparison of a few different m24s? I'm looking to buy one and was wondering which would be the cheapest, but best offer. A couple of the guns I was looking at are below with links to airsoftgi.

Javelin M24

A&K M24

Echo 1 M28

UK Arms M24

Classic Army M24

From what I can tell, the Classic Army is the mother, with the others being clones. I know the E1M28 has piston and sears problems as of now, but has a pretty alright external build. I haven't heard anything about the UK, Jav, or A&K though, so I can't really say anything about them.

Can anyone give me any insight regarding build quality, APS-2 compatability, and ease of acquisition (Places in Stock)?

Thank you
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So UK is in the same boat as the E1, needs to be fixed with proprietaries.
And i remember reading the piston thing, and if it comes out ill be happy, might even buy another if it works correctly.

If I can find a CA in stock, that will probably be what I'll buy. Thanks for that info.

And the Javelin.. does that mean i can drop in a few parts and it will be up to par? Because I know of a UTG L96+Army trigger set that works amazingly well.
Ill probably search the classifieds then. Are there any good places to look? I havent seen much for sale here.
Ill start searching, thank you!

Edit: My Google-Fu must be low.. 7 pages into it and after countless sites I have found nothing. If anyone sees anything, (US side i guess, unless shipping will be semi alright), please tell me XD
If your pistons work, i may see about building a nice E1M28 out of it.
1 - 5 of 36 Posts
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