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Differences in a M24

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Hey guys,

I've been looking around the forum and I was wondering if anyone had done a side by side comparison of a few different m24s? I'm looking to buy one and was wondering which would be the cheapest, but best offer. A couple of the guns I was looking at are below with links to airsoftgi.

Javelin M24

A&K M24

Echo 1 M28

UK Arms M24

Classic Army M24

From what I can tell, the Classic Army is the mother, with the others being clones. I know the E1M28 has piston and sears problems as of now, but has a pretty alright external build. I haven't heard anything about the UK, Jav, or A&K though, so I can't really say anything about them.

Can anyone give me any insight regarding build quality, APS-2 compatability, and ease of acquisition (Places in Stock)?

Thank you
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The CA M24 is not perfect by any means.

I have one and it has it own unique issues.

Firstly the magazines are substandard compared to the VSR10 and M28 ones. The stagger style M24 magazine fails easily because the thin plastic edges of the follower breaks off easily. The other ugly thing is after the last shot if you are not careful closing the bolt, the nozzle will hit the follower and chances are break it.

On a VSR10 or M28, after the last shot, if you chamber an empty round, nothing happens. The VSR10 and M28 magazine is like an M4. Very nice.

The other issue I have, is that the pot metal bolt handle broke while pulling back. Then again, the bolt handle on the M28 broke last week.

The build quality is not amazing. The hop up unit hole was off center and I had to buy a new because the dealer didn't want to fix it. The so called metal screws are soft and strip easily. I replaced them with new ones.

I highly suggest getting a better bolt handle on both M28 and M24. The M28 piston fails easily as well and you will get slam fire. "Ranger" is making an alum piston to fix the M28 problem.

Other than that the CA M24 is OK.
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