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Differences in a M24

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Hey guys,

I've been looking around the forum and I was wondering if anyone had done a side by side comparison of a few different m24s? I'm looking to buy one and was wondering which would be the cheapest, but best offer. A couple of the guns I was looking at are below with links to airsoftgi.

Javelin M24

A&K M24

Echo 1 M28

UK Arms M24

Classic Army M24

From what I can tell, the Classic Army is the mother, with the others being clones. I know the E1M28 has piston and sears problems as of now, but has a pretty alright external build. I haven't heard anything about the UK, Jav, or A&K though, so I can't really say anything about them.

Can anyone give me any insight regarding build quality, APS-2 compatability, and ease of acquisition (Places in Stock)?

Thank you
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I was looking for an CA M24 myself, but I can't really find anyone in stock on the web. If I am correct it has been discontinued completely.

As far as I am aware the Snow Wolf M24 doesn't come with a fluted barrel, but there are pictures on google of the snow wolf m24 which does have a fluted barrel so I am confused?. The M28 has very limited upgrade parts but seems to have a overal decent build.

So assuming the CA M24 is not an option, which one should we choose then? The Javelin M24 or its brother Snow Wolf M24? or the Echo1 M28?
I'm a very happy M28 owner. I dont know much about the Snow wolf etc..

The limited parts for the M28 is the lack of pistons "which I am currently making" and soon I will be making other parts to make the M28 less limited.

I can say there are a few things about the M28 which made me unhappy but there are solutions.

1. The stock pistons pretty much suck! They blow out in about 800 shots. But like I mentioned, I am making aluminum pistons.

2. No aftermarket hopup units. "I have a solution in mind and coming soon!"

3. Sometimes the mags misfeed, I fixed my issue pretty easily, on my website, I have a lonk to my forums. I posted a bunch of pics and in the pics I show how I fixed my misfeed issue.

I get great accuracy and range with my M28 that my Bar10's werent able to give me. "Stock M28 vs stock Bar10's" I got MUCH further range, MUCH further accurate range and better accuracy! Its a heavier rifle though. All in all I love my M28 and I cant imagine ever wanting another rifle! When I show up to a game, people tend to be afraid,hahaha..
Hi Ranger,

I am aware of your own piston creations as posted on the arniesairsoft forums :) Good idea, be sure to cover all costs tho! Shipping, labor, profits, taxes (I guess you are from the US, so I have no knowledge of starting a local business there but be also sure your business is registered so you wont get tax penalties).

I would like to hear the comments of the Snow Wolf M24 for the owners on this board as well. I am interested in this rifle because the Echo1 M28 isn't really available in mainland Europe.
Right on.. I am going to be a legitimate business actually. I planned out all the labor and material costs etc.. I plan to pay taxes as well. Maybe not for the first month or two so I can build, but I plan to.

Sucks you cant get the M28 over there buddy.
What is your age Ranger?
What do you mean perfect,lol..

By the way buddy, please make an intro post so ya dont get into trouble, its a rule on this forum that everyone make an introduction. There is a section on the main page.
Well, better then an 18 year old kid who's trying to make some bucks by selling self made pistons ;) That won't really succeed imo.

Thanks for pointing that out. I have done so.
I know what ya mean buddy. I wasnt sure at first though,hahaha.. I thought maybe ya had some super hot chick ya wanted to fix me up with :tup:

I am hoping to make a living off of this, full time job stuff. Constantly improving and upgrading tools etc.. I have bills to pay,and money to make lol..
Living off it!? Are you for real? It is way out of the scope of this topic but do you really think you can ship so many pistons that you can have a decent income out of it??
Actually no, not right away. But pistons are just the start. I plan to make WAY more than just pistons,lol.. I wanna make pistons for many rifles, custom outer barrels, trigger guards, suppressors, and more..

Currently I have Zero income,lol.. Back injury left me pretty much crippled, so with me being unable to go to an actual job, and waiting to hear from disability and bills piling up more and more.. I am trying like hell to get up out of this super crappy position I'm in. So yeah, it can easily become a "job". I am planning on using 90% of my earning on this to buy my own machinery and build my own shop in my basement or garage. I want to make this bolt action world an easier to find parts world. I know many who would love to have aluminum trigger guards for the Bar10 etc.. Better options for outer barrels and what not.

I have a whole mind full of custom parts in my head. So no matter how much or how little comes in, I can find a way to survive off the earnings. I wanna make custom iron sights for rifles as well. I know many of us are using the crappy aluminum cylinders that are only crimped together also. I would love to fix that by making more affordable and easier to find in stock cylinders that wont be breaking apart like many have done. My main goal is going to be for the rifles that are more proprietary like the M28, Agm rifles and might as well make parts for the Bar10 while I'm at it.

I would love nothing more than to make complete custom rifles! Recievers, barrels etc... But all in due time.

I am only doing the pistons cause we M28 owners are tired of waiting.
Alright, sounds fair. Watch out with spending the savings man. I understand you have to take a gamble due to your injury. I have done so for myself 2 years ago by starting my own internet business but it didn't worked out the way I thought it would. It costs me serious money in the end and a shitload of issues coming with it. Nonetheless I wish you all the best man!
I received an e-mail from (Belgium) about the my question on the delivery of the CA M24. It seems they do not ship this rifle due to low availability at the import company. They also mentioned they do now feel the quality of the CA is of an very high standard. They do ship the SnowWolf M24.

I find it strange that they say the CA M24 doesn't have a high quality finish. As far as I am aware it is made with the highest quality available?
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