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Difficulty zeroing scope

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I recently got a new 3-9x50 scope. I'm trying to zero it at 100 feet (current yard limitations) and no matter what I do, I can't zero.

I have the elevation cranked and I'm low. I'm considering a shim, but not sure what material to use and how thick. Advice, please. Thanks.
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There is a good chance of the scope having wonky mounts. Just take the mounts off and compere. Other then that it would either be that the gin is shooting off, the scope itself is bent or it took a bad hit in shpping.
I was having the same problem awhile back. What I did was purcahsed some new mounts and it works fine now.

Try zeroing in at around 50ft first, then move to your desired range. From 50 to 100ft you should have small adjustments.

Also please post and intro of yourself, before....
Mine shipped with a mount that wasn't cut enough for the screw attachment to work properly so I just drilled it bigger to make it like the other one.
I had a Leapers 3-9x50 and could never get it zero'd. Closest I ever got was 3 mil dots high and around one to the right. I ended up buying a 1x32 red/green dot with a solid mount.

i have a G&G M14 Veteran with the G&G scope rail. my optic is a centerpoint 1x32.
I had to shim a set of my rings I needed to go up (thankfully), and just put some pieces of electrical tape in the front ring and was able to get zero from there.
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