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Dimpled BB's / Golf ball bb's

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I was just thinking about the way golf balls are dimpled so that they can go further. Does anyone think this could or would have any place in airsoft. Do you think it would simply have too much backspin and fly-off or rise and fall for the extreme shots in some games (300ft+) I haven't looked over the physics side of it yet as I don't have the time just yet so I am just throwing it out there.

What do you think. I am particularly talking to the people who were talking about BB designs the other day.
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I believe that this idea was mentioned in that BB thread, or another; but not really examined closely.

IMO: All manufacturing difficulties aside; I think it could be effective. Recalling from memory here, but I believe the theory behind the dimples is that they create uneven airflow in flight to stabilize the golf ball and moving the separation point to the rear of the sphere creating a smaller low pressure area behind the ball...


Personally I believe that something more like an airfoil would be more ideal with a rifled twist, at least for our rifles. And it is one of the two ideas I am playing with at the moment, the other would be a complete hop up re-design.
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It does direct the airflow somewhat like blade bb's would.
Somewhat; but then I would consider the manufacturing possibilities. Injecting your own blade style BBs would be a lot easier than injection molding a dimpled BB, not to mention making the molds
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QUIT BRINING THIS TOPIC UP! Holy cow.... between this and over on ASF this topic seems to come up about every month or so.

Please do some searching my good man. You will find many MANY pages dedicated to this exact topic. And alot of the responses and pics you will see are all going to be the same.

Sorry man, don't want to sound like a prick..... but this is one of those topics that is always coming up. There was a company that made dimpled bbs, but they stoped making them for a few reasons from what I hear.
About a minute after I posted it I regretted it as I researched it and looked at the posts. Mods can lock, delete, leave it or do whatever they want to it. So yeah I did some researching......after lol
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Um, I for one stay away from ASF for a whole bunch of reasons. The few jems that are there, aren't worth digging through the piles of c**p and noobs, opinionated 14 year olds with mommys credit card asking "how do i make my gun shoot good and fast, i want to be l337 sniper"...
Totally stay away from there.
It is always fun to see what some of them are doing though. There are a few people there that really do know what they are talking about. But other than them..... yeah not so much
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But most of THOSE guys are here too
Typically if I am looking for something new and inspiring I head to ASM. Those guys are pretty on top of the industry in general and they are a to AEGs as we are to sniping, but a lot of them are grease monkeys too, in the airsoft sense.
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bobgengeskahn said:
But most of THOSE guys are here too
But even though some of them are fourteen, a select few of them know what they are talking about. I'd say 98% are retarded and the others are "smart".

I just stay away from any topic that says "which gun" or 'Is the _____ a good gun?". If you do that, your probably safe to go there.
Don't forget to stay away form people calling their rifles a "Sniper" and saying with all the mods they put into it they can hit a penny at 600ft away. Oh and all of their tips are super-secret. It just makes me LOL.
Dimpled BB Travel

Dimpled/Divoded BB's in my opinion are very cool. If only people would start to make them! What's interesting is that dimpled BB's have better flight performance because they have to spin less (so you can utilize heavier BB's with less hop-up!)! That's because of two factors: The Magnus Force and the Turbulent Boundary Layers.

When a BB spins as it flies at high velocity, the BB's surface grips on to a small amount of air in front area of the BB in which it is called the Turbulent Boundary Layer. This creates deviations of low and high pressure in certain areas. In this case, high pressure is on the bottom of the BB and low pressure is on the top and towards the BB's travel. As you can see on the diagram, the spinning directs the air in the shape of an airfoil.:yup: Now were talking. This effect is called the Magnus Force. This can be seen in golf balls, tennis balls, soccer balls, etc. This effect allows the BB to fly twice to three, four, or even five times as far if it didn't have backspin.

A BB needs the right amount of spin depending on the velocity it is shot at. If you are shooting light BB's in a 500 FPS gun, your going to need to turn the hop up down. And of course if your shooting .40 gram BB's out of 240 FPS gun, your going to need a lot of hop up.

Dimpled BB's are much better than smooth BB's (in theory) because they have SIGNIFICANTLY less drag. This is because the BB can grip more turbulent air and use it to its advantage. The air first goes to the top of the BB were the divots grab the air. The air goes over the top decreasing the pressure much further so the low pressure is even lower, thus creating more lift by creating a vacuum-like pressure so the BB wants to move up. After the pocketed air moves over the top, the air is whipped around to bottom. But here is the magical-er part. The pocketed air is moved into the direction in which the BB is moving. This creates much much higher pressure on bottom, giving it even more lift.

And since there is very little drag on dimpled BB's, this allows you do use much heavier BB's. The draft of the BB doesn't change in size much so you still have a little more accuracy there. This also allows the BB to not interfere that much with the wind. According to my calculations, dimpled BB's have over twice the velocity and twice the range of standard BB's and also have better energy retention (meaning they stay a certain speed for longer). They can also be aimed very precisely and hit targets with over 10 or even 15 times the accuracy at twice the power at twice the range at twice the speed. Hope you guys enjoyed my LLOONNGG reply. Those are just my thoughts and the physics behind them.
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Here, one guy made dimpled bbs with a drill bit and he was mocked by everyone.

He claimed better distances and the impact had less energy due to breaking on contact.

Six drills were made in 3d Cartesian coordinate system.
I am not even sure where to start on this. First READ THE FREAKIN RULES! It's not OK to necro post, Yes you two cents on he subject is nice and all, you really should have made a new thread. Second look at the date this thread was posted in... 6-16-2011... I am pretty sure NO ONE INVOLVED IN THIS THREAD CARES ANY MORE. This thread has been dead for years!

I am locking this.
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