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Dirty barrel...

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I noticed that after ~ 50 shots stick the BBs into the barrel. The BBs I've washed and is king arms 0,30 gr

The barrel I have is a RAVEN PDI 6.01

My problem is that its clean up even every 50-60 shots, and always is the same dirt inside, which is the cause of the sticky BBs

There is a possibility all the dirt come from the piston and transported by air that push the BBs?

Thanks for your time :)

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I would say that that is dirt from the piston and /or cylinder inside.
This is what I fear.
The gun is used so I do not know how much oil has put the previous owner, and if this oil is stuck and how much in hopup.
I am sure you are already doing this, but I would give the gun a full clean and re-lube. Give it about 50 shoots again and then test to see if it is dirty.
That should do the trick.

Good Luck.
I have not done yet, my time is very limited and every moment that deal anymore with airsoft is "holy time".

But it is something that
It took me a few nights of THOROUGH cleaning to get out all the old grease in my VSR 10. I wanted to clean her up and use white lithium grease, so all the old grease had to be removed. This is not a hard task, but one that takes time. Might have to sit down a few separate times to get it done depending on the amount of grease inside of it.

This should do the trick. More than likely, the previous user got the head and piston loaded up on unnecessary excess grease.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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