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Disappearing Air-Leak? - Help!!

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So.... this has been baffling me for a while. I have an CMYA M14, with upgraded motor, piston+piston head, and air nozzle. When I test compression its all pretty good (I know it could be better but I'll live with it). However here comes an the issue................ when I put the gun together I get about 190 fps if I load a single bb in the magwell or use a magazine BUT if I muzzle load the gun, tilt it back until I hear the BB make a seal, boom! 410 fps (which is what I was expecting)

So in summary:

(high cap) Magazine = 190fps (no hop set)
Muzzle Load = 410fps

I've tried this with different bucking, changing the hop, rhop even. its consistently bad :(

the best improvement has been trimming the lips off a bucking, I then get about 330 fps if I muzzle or mag feed the gun.

ideas anyone? I did try a google and haven't seen anyone else with this issue
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Thanks for all the help so far!! I'm a believer in figuring out things myself.. and came to the same conclusion. I'm sure the hop is off as I've put the whole thing back together with no nub at all...just in case. the result is the same.

the only difference seems to be that if the bb touches the air nozzle, as it would if coming from the magwell then there's a massive air leak somewhere. if the BB doesn't touch air nozzle then everything is fine.

I've tried changing the air nozzle from metal, to plastic to stock... nothing has worked... i'm going to try again later. Thanks again!
Thanks for that! now that's something I haven't tried!!!!!!! the V7 Gearbox is odd but there must be something I can do :)
Sooooo after a weekend of frustration, decided to change the batteries in my calipers... and the air nozzles turned out to be different sizes, 20.8, 21.2 and stock is 21.4. Put the non air seal stock nozzle on, m140 spring in combination with a 60 degree bucking + DIY silicon tubing Rhop, and hey presto! 392 fps with full hop or 450fps no hop. I have no idea if it fires straight yet... or if I need more hop (there's no nub in the hop atm). Thanks again for all your help!!!!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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