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Since the short mags are so dang hard to locate, I decided to make my own.

I used these..

first, make sure the feeder hole will match up between the mags.

I had to shave the side near the bottom at an angle/curve so the shotty mag will tilt inside the Sr mag just right.

Now just slide the shotty mag into the Sr mag, make sure to have the bottom cover off the Sr mag so you can reach inside and find the sweet spot where everything lines up between the hopup and the feeder hole in the shotty mag. Keep your pressure in the inside near the front and fire a few rounds to assure it will work. If not, you may have to shave a little more plastic off the shotty mag.

Dont worry, you cant really take off toomuch and screw up the mag. The bb track isnt that close to the spot were shaving.:tup:

Notice the front of the shotty mag is tilted upwards...

As you can see, we have all sorts of room to decide how short you would like your new mag to be.

I squeezed a bunch of super glue gel all over the sides of the shotty mag and slid it back into the SR mag. ONLY GLUE NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THE SHOTTY MAG, THE GLUE WILL BE SMEARED TOWARDS THE TOP WHEN SLID TOGETHER!!!

While the glue was still wet I hurried up and put the mag into the magwell and made sure it was in propper place, and fired a few rounds.


After I made sure it was seated correctly, I wadded some paper near the rear of the mag and it is like a spring guide.

I used a regular aeg spring to hold pressure inside while the glue sets.

Its ok if the spring folds over as long as it keeps pressure on the front of the shotty mag so the feeder hole seats with the hopup correctly. Slide the bottom plate back onto the Sr mag and wait about an hour for it to be completely dry. The check the top seams, if you need, squeeze some more glue into the top seams around the mag to give it the last little bit of strength.

Now your done! Well almost done... Now its time to cut your new mag shorter. Its all up to you, and what you prefer. You can even keep the original length or even use the highcap version of the shotty mag if you'd like.. Here is my Sr short mag now..

Its only 18-20 rounds but I like it! :tup:

I got my shotty mags from ebay, 2 mags for $9 and some change and FREE SHIPPING!

I did this last year with my old Cyma M14 also.. It was even easier to do. I just dont like long mags I guess.
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