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DM sidearm

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I have a designated marksmen loadout with an SR-25 shooting 550 fps with .20g, so my minimum engagement distance is 100 feet. So I am looking into getting a sidearm, my friend told me I should get a KWA MP7, but im afraid that would be to bulky. I will usually be running with a squad but not always and the field I play at has a fire base where sometimes we have to do room clearing. So any suggestions on what I should get would be greatly appreciated.
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Second to Madsvg.

But to answer you question, I am partial to the 1911 and Glock platform. If you want full auto without the bulk of the mp7, see if you can get a hold of a TM G18c. It may be a bit of work, but it would be totally worth it. With an extended mag you could clear to your hearts content and still switch back to a compact field sidearm.

That being said, the mp7 is fantastic. I know a guy who has one (fairly big guy) and he wore it in a leg holster all day. If I did end up persuading myself to spend the money, I would do it. Now if you are under 6ft, maybe not. They are big weapons. Another alternative would be the smaller mp9.

But if you want a pistol sized platform, look into a TM Glock or Hi Capa. If I could choose another sidearm, it would be one of those. Hands down. KWA does make some quality pistols, they are just proprietary so upgrading is nill. To their credit, they don't break easily or often.

Now my final comment would be, you don't really need full auto even for clearing a building. That is why out of all the ones I mentioned, I would get the pistols. If you like full auto, you can get them with it, but really, a quality sidearm with fast response is all you need IMO. (If you look hard enough you can find Hi Capa's with full auto.)

Hope this helps.
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@Russian: he did ask him nicely. Agreed it would have been good to answer his question but told him very nicely. And of all people you shouldn't be telling people not to post. I think you have some good things to say, but don't tell and older and established member what and when to post. Especially if is something so little as an intro post reminder. Basic respect and courtesy here.
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Interesting. I haven't heard a lot of bad things about KWA and was at least reasonably impressed with the one I have shot, but then again I have never shot a KJW or a TM. Good to hear from someone who knows. (I knew from your other posts they weren't great, but didn't know the problems were that significant.) Good to know!

I will say, after just discovering that my Elite Force destroyed the piston head and popped off the retaining nub on the nozzle, and trying to deal with incompatibility on my KWA aeg, I am fed up with proprietary parts. So it's looking like next pistol (if I get that far) will be a KJW! (Fortunately I have just acquired a lathe so I can machine a new piston head and I will find a solution for the retaining nub.)
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