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DM sidearm

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I have a designated marksmen loadout with an SR-25 shooting 550 fps with .20g, so my minimum engagement distance is 100 feet. So I am looking into getting a sidearm, my friend told me I should get a KWA MP7, but im afraid that would be to bulky. I will usually be running with a squad but not always and the field I play at has a fire base where sometimes we have to do room clearing. So any suggestions on what I should get would be greatly appreciated.
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If I were you, it would depend on how much I'm willing to carry. I get along fine with my WE M1911, with its 16 BB mags and all. Optimally you won't need that much anyways, but I wouldn't recommend getting something bulkier than a pistol. Even those really long mags are too bulky for me personally. What you could do is carry the pistol with a short mag in it, and have a long mag in a mag pouch somewhere on your kit.
At any rate, I'm mostly going with the above opinions. A pistol should be enough firepower for you, as a marksman.
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