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DM sidearm

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I have a designated marksmen loadout with an SR-25 shooting 550 fps with .20g, so my minimum engagement distance is 100 feet. So I am looking into getting a sidearm, my friend told me I should get a KWA MP7, but im afraid that would be to bulky. I will usually be running with a squad but not always and the field I play at has a fire base where sometimes we have to do room clearing. So any suggestions on what I should get would be greatly appreciated.
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I apologize about not doing an introductory thread, I am of doing this on the fly while this was on my mind. I also do not have a set budget I wanted to find what I should get then save up towards it and I am not a fan of glocks, I just don't like them that much. I like the idea of the MP7 because of their ammo capacity ( the reason why I do not want a 1911 is purely ammo capacity because they are actually one of my favorite handguns) and I also hear about how accurate they are. I also am not looking to upgrade what ever I get, I just need something to close that 100 foot gap.
Well I will look into that then, Thank you all for your input.
If I do go with a 1911 what holster do you guys suggest?
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